Thursday, April 5, 2018

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Some people know me as Dan Keplinger, others as King Gimp, but they both stand for loyalty, honesty and a fighting spirit. I was born with Cerebral Palsy on January 19, 1973. My formal education started when I entered early intervention at eighteen months of age and continued in special education until I was mainstreamed at the age of sixteen. It was then that I discovered my artistic talent. The finale to my formal education was obtaining my MFA at the age of thirty-five.
My life was the subject of the 2000 Oscar Award winning documentary 'King Gimp'. I was then featured in a Cingular commercial during the 2001 Super Bowl. I currently travel nationally and internationally with my wife as an artist and speaker to inspire everyone to find their passion in life. Recently those travels included a live painting demonstration at a DC Metro Theater as well as a panel at the United Nations. In addition, I've completed an Artist Residency to produce prints.
As a guest lecturer or speaker, I generally show one of the films about my life, talk about my experiences, and answer questions from the audience. Given a longer day, I also bring the magic of creating a drawing while others watch. Once you book a drawing event, the piece is yours to display or use as a fundraiser.

I hope you will be interested in sharing the rich diversity of my life with your staff, clients, and their families. Following are links to more information on King Gimp, as well as to some quotes about Dan.

I look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of sharing the extraordinary world of my journey. References are made available upon request.
Dan Keplinger, Artist

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

C.P. Wisdom

This is one of many emails I receive from students and educators to share my view  about living as a person with a disability.

What do you talk about in your motivational speeches?

I mostly tell stories from my life, a lot of is related to living as a person with a disability but really they can relate to everyone. We all have challenges in life, but I want to show people there is always a way to get over them. If one way is not work try another, it is okay to ask for help. I also talk about find your passion in life, because they become asks of kindness that can change our world for the better. Even the smallest can change a life for the good.

How do you communicate in different ways?

The biggest one is my art, I do a lot of social media to keep up with disability topics and to put my thoughts out for people to think about. I really am not one to talk about my daily life on it, but put out a lot of my art and things that I feel passionate about. I feel like social media has open a new world of communication for the disabled community.

How has cerebral palsy affected your life? How do you express yourself?

Having CP is just about doing things differently, I can do what ever I want just with twist. It is a life style that chose me, it might take longer to do things but I get them done. If might take me twice as long to have a conversation in the end my thoughts may be valuable then others.

What is your belief about cerebral palsy?

I still feel that I do have CP, but it does not control me. It does present more challenges in life, but CP is just part of my personality and help lead me down the path I am taking in life. I have never asked why I have CP, or if there was a way to fixed it. Once I was visiting a school and a student asked me the magic pill question to take away my CP. I replied, I would not take it because having CP is only way of life I know. To take away my CP would be like dropping off to live on another planet.

Monday, February 29, 2016

King Gimp Studio Fundraiser Event on April 1st

My Family and I have decided to open a working studio, not a gallery. We will be holding workshops and private events such as screen printing, wine and canvas nights, and live drawing sessions. We welcome participates of all ages and skill levels, we want to make art accessible to everyone as a tool of expression and bringing people to for fun!

Help us reach our goal so that we can purchase supplies and open shop!

King Gimp Studio is a shop dedicated to providing a fun, educational screen-printing environment for learners and hobbyists of all ages and levels. Learn more about us at

The King Gimp Studio Fundraiser Event on April 1st will be featuring Dan Keplinger drawing live. The completed piece will be raffled at the event and one lucky winner will take it home! Raffle tickets are $50 and all proceeds during the event go towards the purchase of final art supplies required to officially open our shop!

We do offer the option of buying raffle tickets online for those of you who cannot attend or who wish to make donations! The link is, any gift that you can offer is appreciated. 

Thank You,
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Clients VS Stuff Rights

Last night we stopped by our friends' that happens to live in a "Residential Home" for people with disabilities. The reason for our visit was to cheer up our friends, since one of the roommates passed away suddenly. One of the house staff asked us to leave right away with asking our friends what they wanted, because was not a planed visit. This JOKE of a "staff member" even called the house manager to tell us to leave.

Once again this make me wonder if the "Residential Home" are the new institutions? If this is our friends' home why don't they have a say, as everyone else does in their home. Sometimes you have to break the rules in the times of grief. The staff member showed no respect for her clients, the truth being the clients are her boss.  You are damn well sure that I will be make a visit the another CEO!