Sunday, March 10, 2013

Symbols, Symbols Every Where Symbols

The other day I was thinking how I always said I was born at the wrong time, because my life keeps getting a bit easier as the technology improves. Maybe the field of Speech Pathology was ahead of the rest of society. When I first started to use a communication board they were hand drawn symbols with words on it, so other people knew what the symbol meant. As my vocabulary grew, they would just add another symbol to the board.

I find it interesting that most of the same communication symbols are in use today even thou that devices have become digital. This takes the fun away from watching your speech therapist messing around with the contact paper and getting the bubbles out of it.  Do not forget the fading from repeated used, or rearranging when adding new symbols. Out of the blue I came up with this phrase to add on my board, “You rabbit you”.  Nobody could figure out where it came, but years later, Mrs. Peterson found it. She did not say where she found it, maybe it come from Bugs Bunny.

The reason why I had these thoughts, it is that symbols have become mainstream vocabulary. All of our social sites are just known as symbols, or on any electric device a symbol open applications. Talk about different worlds colliding!