Monday, February 8, 2010

Team Work Does Pay Visit To UNCC

Last week we had to travel in between storms for a speaking gig at UNCC. It snowed the night before we left on Wednesday, so there was no telling if we would get the early start as we wanted. Dena and I were on the road by 9 and did make any stops until NC.
About 2 hours into our trip, we saw a Volvo station wagon towing a plywood wonder breadbox. As we past him the back was full of puppets, so one could figure he was a clown. We honked our horn and gave him two thumbs up. The next thing we knew he putted on a clown nose. He could not keep up, so we went on our ways.
About 2 hours from our “hotel” we started to see signs for a big discount store and one sign is for cosmetics, so we decided to stop. I could tell Dena was disappointed with the selection, so we were back on our way. As we past one rest stop Dena sees the wonder bread wagon. To reach him we had to make a mile circle getting on and off at exits. Dena thinks what if he already got back on the road. He did not; he is a puppet master on his way to Martigra from Maine. We made his day catching him 4 hours later.
This engagement was a year in the making from the office of Student With Disability Service to their adviser committee. It sounds as is the student on the committee did most of the legwork. They did multiple fundraisers, even on the day of the presentation they were putting up signs to promote the presentation. They also set up the reception after ward and planned all of public relation before hand.
It just goes to show you what can be accomplished when people work together for a commond goal. I had one moment where one says I’m not the old, am I? The student that did the introduction said she watched King Gimp at the age of 10.
Dena and I what to stay another day to relax, but we had to race the storm him. In the pictures you can see what we had for breakfast. Ah the life of road worries.

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