Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trip To AZ SILC and NAU

It was one of those trips that we went to work as soon as our feet/wheels hit the ground, so we had a 5 a.m. ride to BWI. I always say to myself time to make the donuts.

Our first engagement was at the AZ SILC in Phoenix, from the outside it was a modern new building mostly glass. What surprises it had waiting on the inside. Like on any other trip I did not go to the bathroom until we arrive. Yes my friends, it was gimp heaven, all stalls were accessible, clean and slick. There was even a family room in side with the 10-gimp stalls.
You know how some buildings only have one, maybe two automatic doors? The empowerment center had them at every door; I have been to our mother ship.

This is what happens when people can build from scratch and do not have to retro fit. The real reason that this place is called the empowerment center is that it house 5 different organizations.

Our next gig was at NAU, in Flagstaff. We did a presentation for disability awareness month, typical deal. Screen the documentary and then do Q&A. but the faculty had a great idea, they past out note cards. So the viewers could right down their questions, so nobody knew whom it is was. This system worked so well that we went 20 minutes past the lowed time. In fact I already suggested this to the next places that I am appearing.

Our last full day in AZ we had no commitments until that afternoon. Flagstaff is only 80 miles from the Grand Canyon, so we had to go. This is where the D&D adventure begins. We had no car, so we tried to rent one. Nobody would rent to us since we were from out of town. To remind you it was 9:20 and we had to be somewhere by 2:30.

We went to the hotel desk to see if there were any shuttles from town to the park, no! There was the taxi, but big bucks. It turns out the service had a taxi going to the park anyway and because we worked with their schedule the rate was cut in half going, but full price on the return trip. The next thing was he dropped us off at the park, not in side. So before we took another cab into the park we went to the Imax show. We spent about 20 minute at the rim itself, but it was worth the magical view as you can see!!!! It took magic to see mother earth at her best.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ok friend, here is my latest in search of…

We are moving to a house that is rent to own, but it multiple level a nightmare for us gimps. It has a lot pretention, as you can from my face book page I am auctioning a piece of art to start the accommodations myself. As a for, example a keyless entry to the front day and garage door opener so I can go work on art when I want.

I know I can obtain some help to modify a few things by the state of Maryland through Baltimore Co. Office of Community Conservation, I’m sure there will be limits. Does anyone know any organizations that help fund home accommodations, or purchase medical equipment to modify homes? My first communication device was purchase by the Lions club. Any ideas, or suggestions would appreciate.

i found this but can't apply on my own behalf.

for the Brits

are theses for real this one checked out

new links posted 10/26/09

SOLUTIONS for Accessibility
119 Poplar Street
Watertown, MA 02472 USA
617.923.8877 ph & fax
Gail Marie Braham
Community Outreach Program Coordinator
Accessibility Rental Modification Grant Coordinator
Virginia Housing Development Authority
601 S. Belvidere St.
Richmond, VA 23220
Phone: 804-343-5512
Toll Free: (877) 843-2123
Fax: 804-343-8330

National Resource Center for Supportive Housing and Home Modifications
National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association
Medicaid Home and Community Based Services Waivers Program
Area Agencies on Aging
State Assisitve Technology Programs
Rebuilding Together