Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get It Off, Get It Off, Get It Off!!!!!!

I was letting Zarah sit outside, she was all relax and something big started to fly all around her. Zarah was like that video of the reporter when the fly flew in his mouth. Even after she ran inside, she kept looking side to side like is it still on me?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Exception To Ever Rule

As most of you know my Wifey helps out Miss Julia, who is 100 and ½ years old.  To me she is trapped in her own home and to make it worse the HOA is not will to make any exceptions for her.  To me there are a few issues.

The biggest problem is that drive my Wifey crazy is that they want a 100 year old to parking in the visitor parking and walk 10 minutes to what they call an “accessible” entrance. The HOA does not want any care providers to park in the residence parking, but there is a whole section of parking for trade person and it is never full.

If Wifey does not want to walk all that way with Missy J. the HOA said drop her off at the door then go park in the visitor section, in the front of the building, while Missy J. sits around back unattended waiting for Wifey.  In addition they would always have to be home by 7, since the lot is locked at night.  When they do come home late the doorman and front desk has to open the gate and door to Mrs. Julia’s own building.

The HOA will not give Missy J. a key, remote, or parking space because she has no ID.  Come on knuckleheads, she is 100 and that should be a given.  If she is paying her bills and fees, she has the same rights as everyone else in the building.

In my own observation, none of the three building’s entrances are accessible.  If you go in the front door the lobby is sunken. Yes they do have a ramp outside down to the lobby, but there are about four steps up to the elevators.  Once you get over the parking issues, there are two doors in the back of the building with ramps. No way they are up to code and most of the residents are elderly.

7 Slade was built in 1971, and it’s posted as private property.  Another thing neither of the parking sections have any gimp spaces; I do not know what rights of Miss Julia’s are being broken.  Once again its frustrating that people choice guidelines over being human.

Maybe we could start a partition to get a gate clicker and a parking space, which would be a start!

I Will See Your Ridiculousness and Raise You...

If some people want to past a law stating who can marry who, then I want to past a law. That says all negative campaign ads need to be done in the format of a SNL REALLY?!?!?! segment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How the Artist Who Built the ‘Chuck Close Filter’ Got Slammed by Chuck Close

(Blake on Top & Close on bottom)

I feel no matter how far you take a computer in the direction of art, it will never be like the really thing.  Blake might have been better off by working with Close to see if this was a direction Close wanted to work in.  I do not see it as a copy right issue, I am coming from an artistic purest view.  if Blake did this as an artist, it does not make the work his.  Blake's own voice is not in the work and for the rest of time he would be compared to Chuck Close.

I am sure, I would by a bit peed if a computer could copy my style and texture  of painting because that is what makes mine.  A  computer piece is not going to have the charm of clumps of paint falling off as it has on the wall. When I took digital art classes, my professors would say use at least a few filter, so people can't tell what ones you used. I guest if society wants all women to look the same why not art?

The Article

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great Flocking Floor Hon!

Our new stenciled floors!!! That is killing Wifey's knees-but I think it will be all worth it!  This is a bit busy for me; I often say if Wifey is happy, I am...  When Wifey said, she wanted to name the store Flock. I think I spent an half hour thinking of the things that flock, or flocking could substitute for. At least it is rememberable, I am sure my PR and Advertising Professors are switching a bit.

It is not so bad compare to Hot Grill on Grill Action the on BBQ Pitmasters!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please Help My fellow Artist & Gimp

Thank you everyone for supporting me and my artwork and all my art forms! I am doing a fundraiser to raise money for a new accessible van. My van is 17 years old now and it is my only way to get out and about. My chair is pretty awesome but too big to throw in the backseat and go out. For the first time ever, I'm offering a personal portrait painted by me. This is the first fundraiser of many. All you have to do is go online or see me in person and buy as many tickets as you can and help me sell as many as you can. I have 600 tickets to sell for a painting valued at $600 or more. Please help me out and you could win your very own personal portrait. Tickets are $1. You can view my previous artwork on my website or on my facebook artwork page. You can purchase them through my paypal account and the links below.
Thank you all very much!


PS: I hope to be selling them at Artworks Tattoo too and the winner will be announced as soon as I sell all 600 raffle tickets or August 30th. Don't wait to buy them! First come first served.

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Is This Your Surprise?


When Brooks started to work on Phrase II of our new place, he said: he had a surprise for me.  I think, I discovered what it was when I went there last weekend. When I was scoping out what was done since I last visit the property, I notice that all of the light switches are in the process of being replaced with rocker switches?!! THANKS

I always wanted to do this, but saw it more of luxury compare to other things when it came to making a house accessible.  I have another toy that we could use for the ceiling fans. It is a remote light/dimmer switch.

 Parson’s Auction CO.