Monday, November 17, 2014

Gimp Mafia

When our Friend Gayle Hafner pasted away, I started to think of the gimp brotherhood as a mob. Seeing all of the different people that came to pay their respects to Gayle and Crosby for how much they have done for the disability movement. People often underestimate the power of person in a chair. When there is a problem, we just know the right people to contact to take of the situation. Not that we put hits out on people, although sometimes it would be nice. Even in the disability community, we have different concerns and ways of doing things and when I go to different events it feels like a meeting of the families.

Although we all want create a society, we have our difference ways of carrying out this task and could not do it without our Ninjas!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Gimp’s Dilemma

The other week I rode with Wifey to her work’s office to drop off some paper work on the way to my studio since they are closed to each other. As always she leaves the car running while I sit in the car, so I can turn the music on or adjust the temperature if needed. It was a warm, but it was enough just to have the windows open.

As I was sitting there were some other employees started to gather, because they have a policy not to leave the car running while their clients sit in car.  I am trying to talk with this guy and women that approached my window.  To make a long story short, the guy figured out whom I was and I was there with my Wifey.

I could understand they were only doing their job, but I really wanted to tell the woman to kiss off since her attitude was so offensive. Does she really assume that everyone that has a disability can only be a client? To mean that is saying no one with a disability can be her equal. The thing that really got me steamed is as I was talking, I was spraying.  Under her breath I heard her say, I hope he does not have anything contagious?

I really wanted to tell her, she needs a new freak’n job! First she was acting like I had no idea what she was saying and second she was scared to be around me. If you have no passion, or compassion for people with disabilities, you need to get out of this field.