Thursday, March 26, 2020

Awareness VS Activist , 2029, Digital Media, 4200 X 24967 PX​


Awareness VS Activist , 2029, Digital Media, 4200 X 24967 PX
For me My Left Foot, 1989 was the first film that had grit when it came to telling Christy Brown’s story. I would put it in the same category as the film Water Dance, 1992 I would say these were not activist films since they did not paint a polished picture of life as a Person With a Disability, nor were a call to action. When these two films came out it was the early 90’s so we were still trying to raise awareness to our cause. The ADA Act was just signed in 1990, so our work was just starting. People could see I connect with the film because were both Artists with CP, but also explored the ideas that we wanted an education, love and did not have the perfect family life. These were subjects that might have been foreign to a lot of people and might have given them new insight on life with a disability. I think films like these are not meant to call people into action, but to increase awareness.
The goal is to create a society that is fair and accessible for all, this does not happen overnight, although that would be idyllic. The more awareness that is brought to a cause, action will have more urgency on a greater scale.
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