Thursday, October 29, 2015

Why Old Institutions and Asylums Seem Creepy

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This time of year the old Rosewood property seems to get popular in Maryland, I always thought of old institutions and asylums to be scary. Not because of the people that lived there, but because of how the "clients" were treated. We are talking about a time when patients had no rights and could not speak up.  I know from being  in a few places, bad things happen and I am sure they were even worse before my time.

I think it is ok to let yourself get a bit creeped out from this place, but not because of people who lived there. Rather for the reason  why a spirit cannot move on.  Maybe we should not use the words haunted, or ghost. Most of the time when spirits hung out the have unfinished business, or are just pissed off.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#Ableism #InspirationalPorn #JustSayHi, I'll take the latter

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I think this campaign is about getting seen as a person. When I am out n' about, I say hi to everyone so they know I do see them.

To me this campaign is easier to figure out compare to the Ableism and Inspirational Porn ones. Truly, I still cannot understand what the hell Ableism is and I am not the only one. It would be easy for someone to call me the King of Inspirational Porn, just by posting a picture of me working in my studio. That is how open I feel these definitions are.

Just because I do not use these words now does not make them bad. I think there will always be different tactics in the disability movement, in the end they all work together. I will always be the hippy Artist, so #JustSayHi!

For the record I am closed friends with Richard Ellenson and family.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Accommodations Fund Through CFC/MMARS

I found out that the state denied my request for funding to make some accommodations around my home through the CFC program. I was asked for items as remote door looks, door opener/closer, and a Bidet` toilet seat.  I was told we get $1,500.00 over 5 years to making living accommodations, but now they stating that this funding has to be medically related items. As they requested, I had an OT come for an environmental assessment and recommendations, not a medical one. I am waiting for the official denial letter.  I hope it gives me examples of what the item this funding could be used for.

I would at least think at least think a bidet toilet seat would fall under a medical  issue. I mean if you cannot keep base clean, it could lead to soars and infects.  I am meeting with my MMAR's person Thursday to see what my options are for appealing their decision.  I wonder if they had change they rule in the mist of play, because too many people were dipping into this pot?  have any of you other client of CFC/MMARS found your solves in the same predicament?

Below you will find a copy of the COMMA "laws" that my request for home was denied by.  To me, it seems more of a catch 22, they want you to be more independent, but only if you don't have people around to help you.

Monday, October 5, 2015

My Computer is so Old...

My name is Dan Keplinger also known as King Gimp; subject of the Academy Award winning short documentary, that won an Oscar in 2000. I am a professional artist with Cerebral Palsy and I have been very dedicated to my craft for the past 30 years. My paintings been nationally and internationally displayed in galleries from New York City to Chengdu, China. I not only use art as a language to express myself, but as a tool to bring awareness to the disabled community through public speaking and live drawing events. I have always said, “My paintings are not for decoration but instead made for conversation”. 
One of the most important tools in my daily life, is my computer. I have spastic Cerebral Palsy which hinders my motor skills. When I am in public I have a translator to assist with all my needs but when I am home on my computer I have the ability to do all of my communications independently. On an daily base, I spend 8 – 10 hours sitting at my computer from creating art to book speaking engagements. I also create graphics for social media to draw attention to my art. I have been using a Mac Pro computer since 2008, with great sadness I will have to say farewells of my loyal friend. Without my computer, I am not able to communicate independently as I wish, to continue working as and public figure, nor remain working as an artist with multiple mediums in technology.

This is the budget that would I would need obtain to continue my work as an Artist and advocate for people with disabilities.
IMac 27-inch with Retina 5K Display- $2,199.99

3.5GHz Quad-core Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Fusion Drive.

2 CRUCIAL 16G 8X2D3 memory chips $169.98

Apple Keyboard with Num. keypad $49.99

Microsoft Office 365 $49.99

3 Year Apple Care $169.99

WACOM CINTIQ 22HD $1,999.99

Total: $ 4,639.93

I am in search of funding for a new IMAC/Apple computer, Office 65/warranty/expandable keyboard with built in mousepad and WACOM CINTIQ. I have already invested in Adobe Creative Cloud that is $350 a year and other software for photo and video editing. My computer is not only a creative outlet but it’s the gateway to my independence.

Some people might start a go fund me page, but would be willing to sale a digital image of any painting, or drawing on for $100! This funds will go towards the repair of my computer. If you think this is a fair offer please share?

The real drawing start @ $1,200.
Real painting start @ $2,500.
Digital Art for $600
More Art

I have already contact the "Brit" foundation, Jill Fox, Parkville Lions Club, Red Hat Society, and Kiwanis Club, to see if they could help with some funding. The "Brit" fund has showed interested in help me. Can anyone please let me know if there are other places I could contact for financial aid. The "Brit" Fund has granted me $2,500.00 if I can raise the matching funds myself.

Dan Keplinger