Friday, February 22, 2013

I Know A Friend That...

When most people say they have a question for a friend, they are really taking about their self.  Even my Attorney for trust asked me, if was referring to myself or not? I really do, ask a lot of questions for other people. I feel it  comes with the name King Gimp, if you give your self a title, one should also work for it. Thank you for your advice, I will forward it to my friend.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I received three good leads that I pasted along to my friend in order to help her gain disability benefits. My thanks goes to those that helped, I hope one of the leads pans out for her!
Posted 2/26/13

I am writing on behalf of a friend of my. My friend has been sick for two years of pain and other symptoms, one year of unemployment, and counting, with no real answers, treatments (even the pain meds aren't really holding), or expectation of recovery. She has had doctors say that they're out of ideas, that this will just be chronic, that this is just how it's going to be from now on. They have started their SSI/SSDI appeal process.

They agreed that the illness has "affected" their life, but said that my friend could still do parts of their job and that they were let go, because of missing work for appts or illness, being slow or inaccurate or making mistakes from meds and fatigue, etc.

Would you  have any thoughts, suggestions on hiring someone to fight for my SSA benefits, and possibly HHS as well? Thank you for your time and any advice that you could offer.  I also wrote the MD Law Center to see if they would also have any advice

Dan K.

Before one could receive SSA, do they have to be 100% unable to work?  If their medications keeps them from full filling all parts of their job, could fight to get SSA benefits?

What is the difference between SSI and SSA? Also what are the requirements to qualify for each?

Difference Between SSI and SSA 

Difference between Social Security disability and SSI disability 

About SSI 

Not A Good Combo

Yesterday I started with a headache and feeling funny in the tummy.  Wifey comes home with dinner from taco bell. It was nice that she was thinking of me, but I said: I do not think taco hell is good for yuckie tumtum.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How PCA Services Be Transfer State-To-State

This happen before the age of social networks, when people used emails to dig things up.  When I was looking at schools for my MFA, I did look at out of state schools. I did accepted to Chapel Hill with a full ride, the problem was getting my PCA services paid for while I was at schools. Weeks before school started, I decided to to give my free ride since the only way either state would pay for my PCA services would be through  the legal process.

I have a friend who is thinking of moving from one state to another. Can anyone tell us the process of transferring PCA services? Is this even possible and how long does this take?  I was told services can only be transferred after one becomes a legal resident of the new state and that takes six years?

Thanks for the advice!

here is one answer to the question:

"It depends on which state you are talking about.
The best way to find out is to google, "Community Based Services " & which ever state you are interested in.  I'd find the administrating organization and give them a call.  I do think they would have to be in the state for services to get started, but it should in way be close to 6 years."