Monday, December 6, 2010

EReaders and Ebooks

i wonder when text books be available on Ereaders? that would be a real blessing for the disabled, but then again i'm sure they would be five times the cost! when i started college someone read my books onto tap. then they were cut up and scanned to cd. i also got books the blind, are books for the blind online yet?

Vanessa Maxwell Tucker Dan, I believe that most are already available through the following two resources: NIMAS and I don't know regarding all ereaders but the availability has never been better. Yes, the books for the blind fall under this category as well.

Vanessa Maxwell Tucker

Vanessa Maxwell Tucker Sorry...I feel like I'm spamming but here's one more:

Daniel Keplinger no, you are not spamming. i like links i collect them and share them. it is amazing how many resources there are and a lot of people don't know about them. thanks

Daniel Keplinger The Gargantuan Textbook Tablet

Daniel Keplinger Google Editions E-Reader Service to be launched in US by the Year End