Monday, August 16, 2010

Lets Ride

It was always the same story, every time we wanted to go horse riding. The stable always would say we only take disabled people around the ring not on trails. This was not the case at Five Oaks Riding Stables. They were even going let me ride by myself, but I could not manage. Although the stable manager did see that I did get the right horse that could handle me.

When it was decided that I need a second rider, we changed horses. The hole time my horse Mrs. Penny love to walk on the edge of the trail. My second did not try to correct the horse, he trust the horse and just added to the experience. At one point of the trail he pointed out where he was thrown by a horse. This was not something Dena wanted to hear.

Although our guides were relaxed they did of plans if something happened. The lead guide said he only had to throw his rains on the ground and his horse will stand still incase he had to jump off to help us. Just for kicks he demonstrated it and the horse did not move.

The best sight of the whole ride was after we got off of the horses. Dena was telling them about the commercial I did for Cingular and one of the pulled out his cell phone to look it up. The next thing we see are 4-6 cowboys.

Studio Viagra

I just received a question on having artist block, or being un-inspired?

You may want to take some time off from working on your art and go do something fun and adventurous that will recharge you. Another thing would be going out and take photos that could trigger a fresh idea in your work.

Other things that might bring freshness to your art is sitting in your studio and just thinking about the work.
What is it saying?
What is it that you want to say?
What things around you can contribute to you and your work?
I am choking on this one, but look at other artist?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Men can Fake it Too

This is a first a man gets a year in jail for faking seizures to get out of paying food bills. I faked seizures before, not to get out of doing stuff but to give people a better show.

I used to go to Camp Green Top and we would go into the town for the Fourth of July parade. The whole camp would take up a half of a block, so this was a new experience for their town. We were getting tired of being watch, word got around about faking a seizure. Being the spirit that I am, I took it upon myself to follow through. That was also the parade that the counselors tried to give me away to Miss Thurmont when she drove by.

I also faked one at a McDonalds too, when people what a show…

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Vacation 2010 (advetures)

We started on our journey at 12 a.m. on Monday morning, for most part we drove straight through. We did stop for about an hour for everyone to rest, or take a break from the car. Being that there were three different drivers everyone had there own techniques, even thou momma was not thrilled over that.
Our check in time was at 3 and we made perfect timing, because we arrived 10 minutes before the time. We rent our cabin from Cobbly Nob Rentals Villa, Gatlinburg, TN.
So Dena and I went in the office and took care of business. After riding around and driving up hills that Dena hated we found “our place”, as we are checking it out Brooke realized that it was not the cabin she picked. It’s back to the office to get things worked out. Good thing I took the reserve papers.
We did get the wrong cabin; it just so happens that when we made our reservations, there was a computer problem on the company’s end so the cabin was doubled booked. Being the problem was on their end and Dena handle it in a friendly why. The manager Doug gave us two options.

1. Upgrade the cabin at the same rate, but it would not be more accessible.
2. Keep the cabin and just get charged for the cleaning fees.
Dena and I choose the second option, with the money back; we could just have more fun and did we!!!!!! I know I said was going to draw at the cabin, but ended up not taking my supplies. This was for the best, besides the hot tub was not easy to get to.

The first day was not very exciting; Dena and I drove around town trying to find a bank to cash a check at. We finally decide to open an account at a bank on Dolly Pardon HWY. By the time we got back to the cabin it was kind of late, so we had dinner and watch movies.

Day Two:
Got up a bit later then planned, so Dena started to make calls and lined up activities for the week. Since we got a late start, we went rafting. We went to Big Creek Expeditions, as the van pulled up to river Dena and I realized we did the same river before. I sat right up front on my bum so I can use my legs to lock in. we went on rappets form class 1 to almost class 5. For those who have been rafting before, yes we did some surfing. Dena said it looked like I was drinking from a water fountain.

Day Three:
All of the locals kept telling us it was a must to go visit Cade’s Cove and see the wild life. Such as elk, bears, foxes so that meant an early morning. We got to the cove and there were nice sights of open fields and mountains that I enjoyed myself. The pay off came at the end of the drive, when a baby bear was 4 feet from the road and Dena got out for a picture of it.

Next we went to a “lazy” river ride, or that was what my honey bunny called it. It should have been a hint, when the three companies names were, Cowboy Tubing, The River Rat, and Raiging River. The second should have been climbing down to the river. All four of us started out fine, but I was the only one that didn’t fall off my tube. On the other hand I was the most scratch up from the fight to stay on my ride. The ride usually takes 1.5 hours, some how we took 4 maybe that was the lazy part.

Half way through I said I would rather be rafting class 5 then tubing. In rafting the idea is to stay in the raft and people are looking out for each other. I knew tubing was not for me, but if I did not go then everybody would back out.

Day Four:
Another kind of lazy start, but it’s vacation! The four of us went horse back riding at Five Oaks Riding stables I started out solo on the horse, but could not do it going on a trail. I was just sitting on the horse drench in my sweat. So I had a second rider go with me, he also gave me his bandanna.

There was a question if I could do an hour ride, but I did! My body might have been fighting to stay on the horse, but at the same time it became one with the horse. We had two real cowboys go with us, on their off time they even get bang up in the rodeo. The one riding with me said, “that is just a sacrifice you make doing what you love”. I could relate to that in my own work, people say one day my body will just give out on me from the abuse I put it through.

Day Five:
Our last full day and maybe our greatest adventure yet. Brooke, Matt, and I went for a zipline ride at Wahoo Zipline It was exciting and relaxing at the same time, amazing enough my body was still during the time in the air maybe it was in shock. Every time I left the plate form it was like what the hell.

Since they guys had to carry me around and up each tower, I could not do the whole course. The head guide decided to refund our money.

The whole week we never heard, he can’t go or let me talk to our manager first. I stop going to the MD state fair since the first thing I would have to do is get permission to get onto the rides. In fact people were over generous from making any accommodation to our needs to giving us free stuff to mark each adventure.