Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have been putting this off for almost a year, I do not know why? As many of you fellow gimps know, Medicare makes you choose between a manual, and a power chair. They do not see the social need for having both. But anyway I have had the same manual chair for say 17 to 20 years. When the sling seat would tear, I would take it to my local shoe repair store and have it sown back together. I did this about 3 times, until I went to present to a class of Put’s students. The professor puts my chair on the table and just rips it apart. I knew my chair was a piece of junk. The whole frame was bent from years of abuse and trips around the world. The class fitted me with a hard seat, not attached to the chair.
A few months later comes the excitement of the wedding, picking up people from airport and stuff. On one trip we retuned home and no seat is to be found. We left it in the airport garage, so it’s gone. Lucky we had an antique chair to use for the wedding.
The day after the wedding, my new father in-law was outside trying to rig a seat for my manual chair. It worked for 4 days. We were in Spring Field, IL. and the seat was a goner. So I said lets go to a hard ware store. So we found a Loews, their first ideal was to send us to a metal smith. We did not have that kind of $$$, or time.
My plan was to get a piece of plywood on hold it on with L shape brackets. Thank god we meant the right sale persons, they became a NASCAR pit crew. They cut the wood and screwed everything together.
Several months later I received a new, old chair with the help of Asha. Through her and class mates connections with the Delray Center. It might not be perfect, but this chair is better then what I was using.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Fan VS Wild Submition

I should be on Man Vs Wild, because the everyday task is a challenge for me to do, due to me having Cerebral Palsy. I do not let my disability get in the way of anything. I have been skiing for 17 years and I spent a month touring Europe.
My taste for adventure started has a young child, when I jumped off our clubhouse, just to feel the freedom from gravity. This would bring a new adventure to my life, as well as to Bare’s and your show.

To most people adoptive skiing would be pretty extreme, but that seemed safe compare to my stop in Prague. First of all, I almost did not make it off the train and my friend all already got off. Lucky some other travelers help me off, before the train continued on its way. There were many times in Prague, when I had to climb stairs on my hands and butt. We were glad to end our stay in Prague, because it was hard on the body and my wheel chair kept falling apart from the bumpy cobble stone road. But was worth the visit.

Monday, March 15, 2010

KSU Engagement

All my life I have meant people that the connection is just there. For the third time Dick Stanford asked me to come to GA, this time to present at KSU. Since we were so close to FL. We just had to take the trip with Michael to WDW. Then Dena decided to bring her friend, Miss Julia that she takes care of. Given this as the case; we had to bring some help with us. So Pamela and T.C. were brought on board for this adventure. The drive the accessible van with 2 power chairs and all of the luggage.
We were lucky that Dick let us stay in his condo, a few blocks from Underground Atlanta. This condo was so beautiful and Olympians used it when the City hosted the Olympics. We really over stayed our visit, because the place was so comfortable.
Our engagement was at KSU it was so well done. They scheduled the reception before I spoke. It so happened to be in an area that hung a student art show from high schools from across that state. I was very impressed by the work that I saw. I also like the fact that they served virgin apple martinis instead the usual lemon aid.
I want to thank Adam for his hard work for making this event possible. He was the one who talk to Dick about having me come to the school. Adam also had research different resource of funding to sponsor my visit.
So who is that guy on top of me on the floor? That would be Carlton; he had me come speak at EU a year or two ago. We just hit it off, after that gig. We ended up going to a club until 3 a.m. then danced in the parking lot of the hotel. We had not seen each other since then, I just have no control even when the spot light is on me. From the Oscars to seeing old friends, when the king is happy everyone knows it.
Most of our trips are about meeting new people and learning how the film impacted them. This time it was about reconnecting with good friends and enjoying great times.