Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Artist Way

For years people have been saying I need to find an easier way to create my art. As I get older they think my body is going to give out from sitting on the floor in the W position and always using my neck to paint and draw. It is almost impossible to find a dress shirt that fit, because my neck is so muscly.

Being a true artist and pushing myself the next step with my medium by using my hands, I have gone the opposite way. By using my hands to draw, it puts my whole body in motion. I call it the “perfect chaos”, because it is controlling the uncontrollable.  When I first started to drawing with my hands it was so frustrated, that most people would have asked why and just give up. I know it would be worth the struggle and just another challenge for myself.

So why do it, if it causes me pain mentally and physically? I enjoy the process and the results; I enjoy the ability of work the chalk on the surface and building layers as I blind them together, or push and pull them apart. For me, everyone can see each mark that it take to create the peace that come out of a fire storm of activity.

New drawings

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The War Is Over

So my Wifey found me some no tie shoe laces, they seem to work good. Every couple days you just need to give them a pull to tight them. I am sure must people have seen the ones with the spring clips, but you need two  hands to tighten them as on a gym  bag.
One of my younger nephews was with Wifey when she bought the laces. Tim said, why would Uncle Dan want girl laces? Her reply was, he is more about independence then looks. I think he will understand in a couple years.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Voice, Message and Marks

Just by knowing the little art world that I do, is seems that artists are becoming more aware of how unhealthy the old school of art used to be. Some people say you should start using mediums that are less toxic, some people even say do not even eat in your studio. I think one should be safe, but not to the point that you become afraid of the medium that you can become one with.

I have been fining myself in a search for new mediums that I can really put my marks in. For example, ceramics and pastels that I can use with my hands and really develop as layers, I feel that oil paints do not offer this to me.

Maybe I also see how technology is taking the artist hand from their work. Although it is still their voice and message, but how can you really tell who’s hand manipulated the Medium.

For my subject of my work is as important as how I create it.