Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Fork in The Road

As you may be aware of, Wifey helps her friend who is 100 +.  Dena is worry about what she can do for her next job that is why we got into the jewelry business. That is going good, but would be better if we had a store. Dena also loves auctions and thrift/consignment stores. She found a place in Towson/Parkville that could be a store and home.  It would be cheaper then living here. The house/store was built in the 70's, so I'm starting from scratch as far as accessibility.

I have been full of emotions, because we have done a lot to make our current house accessible.  I finally have my perfect shower.  I do feel a bit guilty, because a lot of people help us get the accommodations that have been done.  I do not want to seem ungrateful for their time and effort. I also do not want to seem greedy and assume every time I move, there would be funding to make another place accessible.

On the other hand I do have a limited income and can only contribute so much and the rest is up to Wifey. If we stay in our current place she will not be home, in order to pay for the house. That is not what we want as a couple and would take a toll on any marriage. That is why we are always thinking of businesses that we can start, so we feel as equals.

As Wifey started to describe that the living part is in the basement. She says, the bathroom already has a walk-in shower, but the kind with a door.  My hopes are that this chair will fit into the shower. Also the stairs are narrow and curved. That is downer that the stair lift that has been put in could not work. Could we buy different piece of track for it, if the stair way is not too narrow?  Could another option be to put it out side, would it need to under cover or enclosed in? These are the things going through my mind as Wifey is talking. At the same I am feeling excited, guilt, scared and nervous.

We have already spooked with the owner and he said we could build a ramp outside. Be sides that the owner really would like to make the property ADA friendly even thou it is grandfathered.  So Friday are meeting with Eric from to do an assessment. I already told Eric, the equipment we cannot use I hope he can pass on to other people.

This is just another adventure to keep our lives interesting!

search local office here and call them about ADA tax breaks/loans.