Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Disability and Sexuality


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The conversation needs to start some place, although it may uncomfortable for some people. In my case, I never talk about details of me being able to have sex with friends. Most of you know, I mostly hangout with more women than men and jokingly the topic would come up. It never went further then well I guess she could be on top. I never worried about me achieving S.A.G., I was more concern about making to woman happy. Amazing enough that was never a problem. Hell yes it was frustrating until I started intimacy, but sex is fun, amazing and beautiful. If one thing is not working, you just try something else. Is there really a right and wrong way to have sex? The only thing to keep in mind both people need to be full filled.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Smartphone or Not To Smartphone

My "dumb" phone died last week, even when we plugged it in and it would not come on. I call it a "dumb" phone because, it could only call and text. I like have the QWERTY keyboard since I could use my finger to use it.  So the big #CPDilemma was to get another "dumb" phone with get and keyboard, or just break down to get a smartphone a use the head stick? I like being able to get away from sitting around with my head stick on to use technology, plus I do not like to travel with my head stick.  It could break, or worse and the whole cycle would need to start of getting a new one. So I get a Droid 4, that still had the keyboard. To me it is more important that I can text with my finger then having all of the good stuff. #gimplife