Friday, July 25, 2014

The True Humanity of Art

My studio at TU is next to the Ceramics Art Camp, they are about middle school ages campers. I need to remember that before I blast some old school NIN, anyway yesterday I had my work out on the floor looking at it. I was still in my chair and one of the campers froze at the door staring at my work and not at me for once.  Later that that day Brianna and I went over to the teacher and offer her to bring the students over next week to see how I produce my art.

When people see my art on the wall, or online it does not scream I am disabled so you better like my stuff! They just have a connection to the work and are more likely to approach me since we have command thread. I see art as the bridge between the disabled community and the able body world. When it comes to art everyone has their own style, art is just a vehicle to bring people together and share ideas.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Back!

Yesterday I went to my studio at TU for the first time. I am just like a vampire no matter what they do I keep going back. This time, I am doing an Artist in Residency for a year. Officially, I am there working with Stuart to make the Cintiq by WACOM more accessible for artists with disabilities. Since I do have a studio, why not also paint and cause some problems for those printing people?  I have nice size studio in the back of ceramics, it even came with a microwave an mini fridge. When we go in for the day, I feel like the intro of Get Smart, door after door after door. It is a room in a room, within a room, but I could work nude if I wanted to.
It's all good, I am going to working with they different mediums that I do and have hours where other students can stop by and talk about their work.  I will still be work in TAC @ the EBC Arts Center, so I would still have opportunity to hold workshops.  It should be an interesting year!
Although, we moveed stuff around to make more room for me and a work space for Brianna. Wifey has to come give it her touch and stock us up with goodies!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Robotic Exoskeleton

The Robotic Exoskeleton must be the new trend around the world, but how practical is it. Right off the bat I do see the benefits of being able to reach up high, but how independent do they really make a PWD? Can one take it on and off by their selves? Would one be able to walk up stairs, the biggest concern I can think of how long some can use them without getting tired, or  hurting their body.  I am assuming most candidates for the exoskeleton would be some paraplegics, after so many years in chair the old body does not work as it use to.

My head stick really did not give the independence that I do have today, until I could take it on and off myself. Their is a difference between being setup to do a task, then having self-efficacy

Rex, the robotic exoskeleton.