Saturday, January 22, 2011

When The King Speaks, Crowds Become Inspired.

Dan Keplinger, subject and writer of the Academy Award® winning documentary King Gimp, is going on tour and he is ready to speak at your business. Listen to Dan’s story firsthand. Learn how the arts, and the world as we know it, has inherent obstacles that can be overachieved with perseverance, patience, determination and a winning, fighting spirit.

Screen the movie King Gimp and participate in an interactive question and answer ceremony about the movie, Dan’s personal life, and Dan’s career as a successful fine artist. Live and learn like a King.

About Dan “King Gimp” Keplinger
Known throughout the world as “King Gimp”, Dan is an artist who overcomes a daily battle with Cerebral Palsy to live a “normal” life. Dan took the name Gimp, which means “fighting, sprinted individual” as name to represent himself from an early age. He is an accomplished master painter, award winning fine artist, and an inspiration to children and adults alike.

A Note of Thanks
From King Gimp

Hi, I’m Dan Keplinger.
You might know me from the Academy Award winning documentary King Gimp.

Since the movie’s success, I have been touring the world to motivate audiences through speaking engagements.

My speaking is motivational, spontaneous and off-the cuff. The central theme is based on my life’s experiences in breaking stereotypes, overcoming obstacles and surprising the world.

The Silver lining in my speaking focuses on what people can accomplish-regardless of their personal challenges. I encourage audiences to think beyond the boundaries that society has forced upon them.

Through speaking, I have been able to tell audiences that success is about finding placement in life through independence, education and breaking barriers while molding your passions.

A common theme that arises at my speaking engagements is a shared belief amongst the crowd that “If Dan can do it... so can I.” These reactions are very personal and touching. As much as I have helped the audiences grow, they have helped me grow. Through their reactions, I have learn that my passion is brought forth as a speaker. While I have helped the crowd find inspiration, They have helped bring my thoughts out of isolation.

For helping me achieve this pinnacle in my life. I would like to say THANK YOU to all of the groups that have invited me to speak for them since 1999. I would also like to encourage all of those who experience any life challenge to continue staying positive and never give up.

The World Is Yours.

Dan Keplinger aka King Gimp

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Dan is an inspiration for anyone. Actually amazing.

What really struck me was the support he received from his wife. He obviously has accomplished many feats before being introduced to her, but the bond between the 2 of them is what struck me the most. Talk about true love.

-Board Member of The Missouri Physical Therapy Association

Uplifting. Inspiring. Convicting. Enlivening.

These are just a few of the words to describe my emotions after encountering the fighting spirit within my friend and fellow artist, Mr. Dan Keplinger.
-Carlton D. Mackey, Emory University

Mr. Keplinger is an honest, open, and accessible artist. His personal struggles and life serve as an inspiration to those who hear his story and motivation for any individuals facing life struggles.
- Nathan M. Sparks Ed.D.

I have seen a thousand middle school students sit absolutely quiet for one hour as Dan, with help from his interpreter Dena Williams, tell of his countless challenges and more recent success born from his never ending love for life, painting, and relationships.
- Richard Stafford, Ph.D.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

So my 38th B-day began with some fun adventure....

So my 38th B-day began with some fun adventure, but some history first. I share my B-day with Grant and Poe. I lend towards Poe more, because of the artistry and the dark since of humor. For 50 some years a fan has been leaving three roses and a half-empty bottle of cognac, until last year.

I have known about this since I was 16, I always wanted to spend the night not to expose the person, but for my own interest. I wanted to spend the night in the offices’ of the Baltimore Producers of King Gimp. Since it sits kitty corner to the church and Poe’s grave, which never came about.

I think 3 or 4 years ago Dena and I met some friends at a bar and each couple drew an hour time slot to watch the grave the following year. I think most people forgot about it and when we started the car, our check engine light went on. So we decided not to go.

This year we started talking about going again, but what if nobody goes since no Poe toaster came last year. Dena post on my Facebook to meet on the 19th at Westminster Hall for a shot of cognac towards Poe and me. Dena comes home early on Tuesday to go watch the grave with a bottle in hand. Pointing out the days mix up busted her bubble. So after saying we should still go, even if none of our friends, nor none of the Poe faithful may not show up we still went.

We got there around 9:30 set up our table and chair, candles and took a shot. While we were sitting there we saw a white stretch limo hummer go around the block. Dena said someone must have been having a bachelorette party. By midnight there was around 30 people hanging out talking, trading toaster stories. I found out that there are two Poe Graves. They moved his body to the one with his wife that is on the front corner. The only real Baltimoree there was a photographer. We are from Owings Mills, another guy from Bowie and the rest were from out of state, or country.

At midnight the New York Gals says happy B-day Dan. Dena starts singing: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to my husband that puts up with my shit, happy birthday to you… As Dena is saying you, we see a man in a hat walking by and goes around back to the old grave for a while. We see him walk back out and up the block. Few minutes later we see the limo again and the guy is in it, so needless to say it was not the real Poe Toaster. About 40 minutes later we see another figure come and leave, this one look more like a woman. I am sorry to say the Poe Toaster was a no show again this year.

It started to rain and Dena and I started to cough our heads off. We left around 1:15 and missed the last 2 figures that visit the grave, even if the Poe Toaster has ended. I think people should still gather each year; it was so much fun meeting the people that Poe attracts with his writing and is a great tribute to the Man.