Sunday, November 15, 2015

thoughts On Being An Artist

When I start a piece, I just think of what I have to say and not who is going to view it. I know people are not going to view my work as I do, but everyone can get the over all message. Even to me a blank canvas is a scary thing, I do look and think about for an hour or so before I put brush to canvas.

I always liked and did art, but in high school my teacher started to give me the tools to have art say what I wanted it to. My art speaks what I would be saying with words. It also says the feelings that are inside of me. Those feelings would make people close to me scared and worried about me. Maybe I want people to see these feeling, so they know everything is not happy in my world. Translating myself on to canvas became my language, something I needed to exist. In today’s world, I am lucky to sale a piece every couple years. I always knew being an Artist would never bring a steady income, art is about what you have to say to the world and how you want to say it. My riches come from seeing how the viewers enjoy my art and how I can make them look at the world differently through my work.