Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Is It Worth Getting Out Any More?

I have seen clips of the pinned down passenger that was rushing the cockpit on the flight to CO. I know it is better to be safe then sorry. I cannot help to think how easily that could be me on the bad end. I could be getting something out of my book bag and some one could take it the wrong way by me struggling. The more people tell me to calm down when I'm trying to do something, that just pisses me off. Then if people try to hold me down, I know I would end up in cuffs. Society has just become too aggressive and not wanting to take time to understand, I'm better off staying at home.

Just last year a person with developmental disabilities died in police custody for staying in a movie for a second showing. If police are trained on how to detain people safely and ends up dead, what happens if this is the out come with the layperson?

Why is it, If someone needs help some people do not want to get involve because if something goes wrong they might get sued?