Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 Days Would Be A Piece of Cake

I realize that times are tough for a lot of people, but I wonder how many people could live as a person with a disability. For example in MD the income from SSI is Just over $700, that has to pay for housing, utilities and food. For example how many people could buy a week worth of food on a budget of $60?

Back in my single day I would receive about $640. a month, I paid $110 for rent, $140 for food a month plus electric and phone/internet. Some how I always had a $100 to play with each month.

Most people would say go get a job, but do they know that it would only hurt a disabled person. If I, or another person would get another source of income that only defeat the objective. The more income one makes, service would decrease, or even be cut off. That would include insurance and housing cost would go up. Talk about a dog chancing his tail.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Invitation of Disability Parking Abuse

Last Saturday Wifey and I went to McDonalds in New Town for lunch with her Cousin and new client. The disabled parking is a straight shot from the parking lot entrance; this is convant if you are disabled. But is an absolute invitation of abuse for the lazy and ignorant. To add more of a temptation there is a Red Box two-steps from the disabled parking.

During our 30 minutes lunch at least 15 people pulled into the disable parking to use Red Box. Wifey went out two times to talk to people about using the parking space, we always hear its just two minutes. I always wanted to ask if I could kiss them for 2 minutes. This is Wifey’s pet peeve; I say call the police before we get mad. You never know what people would do now.

The third time Wifey went out, she took me. When I get piss, I do act like an animal just compare it to the incredible hulk. While we were waiting for the police I was yelling at all. I used my chair to block one person from driving off, one lady called us vigilantes.

Everyone says they want to stay a talk to the police too, but they always take off. That only tells me, they do not have any belief in their own words. While talking with the police officer another lady comes up and identified her self as a social worker. She said my wifey let me roll in the street as a human blockade. If she was really doing her job, I would think she would have came out sooner to see why I was so upset?

I was told I could go to jail for my action, it would be one hell of a cause to be locked up for. Plus it would be another thing to check off my bucket list.