Monday, February 21, 2011

The Other Living Skills

I know in Maryland there has been an overwhelming task to get the disabled out of institutions. I see why this is a very big ordeal from finding affordable housing to support staff to make independent living possible. I know in my case it took months to get all of this line up and people still looked at my mom and I as is we were crazy for even thinking of this.

When I was in my third semester at Towson U., I took my Intro. Psych class. I did a paper on the topic of Social R****, at the time it was a hot topic, because a lot of the disabled were being mainstream into school. The problem was that they did not know how to interact with the rest of the students in a social setting that are there peers, since many came from protective environments at school and the home.

I am wondering if any studies have been following the disabled that have been in institution and now live in the community? I have been on my own since I was 18 and even had to learn proper hygiene, keeping clean living space, and knowing whom to trust. Where as a person that was institutionalized had no opportunity to develop these skills.

Mrs. G. my assistant at Parkville said it best. Even if I wanted to keep a condom in my wallet, I could not. Because she would know it was in there. Trust is the best skill the disabled community can fine tune and uses. 

This is just one of the many issues that need to be address in the disability community, but is over looked because of time and funding.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Art Blog Super Bowl What’s That

Another Super Bowl Sunday spent in the studio finishing art for a new show. Last time I missed the Janet Jackson nipple situation.

So frustrated I have never been this late finishing art for a show. It just sucks; I like making art without being under pressure. It not only but stress on me, but also the people that help me witch I do not think is far. I just hope we can stretch 6 pieces in one day, because 2 days later they have to go on the wall.

YES I’M FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When People Live on Mars

On Saturday Dena and I took a drive to Potomac Park, so Miss. Julia could visit with some family. During this time Dena and I went for a cup of coffee. On our way back, I said these are the types of places that the disable should be live in.

As Dena said it is a community within and community. Everything is in walking distance, if someone wanted to get out of the house they can walk around the corner and get a bite to eat, a little shopping. They also had a market, if something ran out at home the person could just walk, or wheel to pick the item up.

The reality is that these types of community are way too expensive and if units were built to be accessible. Most likely that would drive the price up even more. Just maybe it would become affordable when people move to Mars.