Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Man

We are taking a family vacation this summer. Of course being the artistic, hippy type we need to be different. That just makes it hard to find a place that fit all of our needs, to be a family and have accessibility.
We want to go stay at a cabin in the smoky mountains. It is not a problem finding a cabin that would fit all of us, but non that are accessible. The cabins that are accessible would only have one bedroom.
Now that I look it up again, I found accessible cabins with multi-bed room in the same price range. At least I will know for next time.

Do You Remember These?

You are never too old to try new things. This weekend I went to my first 3D movie at the age of 37. I never had interest in going to a 3D movie. I knew using those paper glasses would be more frustrating then worth. This weekend we had the Greco kids and they wanted to see Despicable Me. It was very enjoyable because now they use real glasses frames.

This also reminds me when I first met my friend Mike in college. He asked me if I like Star Wars?

I replied I never got into it.

Mike thought I physically could not get in the movies.