Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes The Crown Grow Thorns

Tuesday we went with our friend to meet with his service coordinator to express how he and we felt about the support he has been getting. The whole day our friend complained how his stomach hurt and wanted to go head to the ER.

Before we went, we called the support broker and nurse, they both said this is not an emergency and do not go to the ER. It is just how our friend is looking for attention.

When we got to the ER our friend had wounds on his stomach that were filled with yellow puss. The doctor gave him a top shelf IV anti-biotic and more to take for week.

Friday we receive an email from his support broke saying they will be filing a complaint against Dena and me for being a bad influence on his life. In addition they are taking legal action for stealing confidential information. Everyone at this agency has a superior complex, no body is always right.

Yes, I did not sleep Friday night not because I was scare, but from being frustrated and I piss off. I used to be good friends with members that work at this agency. I know if the tables were turned, they would do the same things to advocate for their friends.

I welcome an investigation; we have not done anything wrong or without our friend’s permission. If I could say one more thing to this agency, please proceed as they see fit. I will do what I have to protect my family and myself.

Maybe I should not be writing this blog for they can use it against me. I wonder if they will use my pasts Facebook postings. Then they would see how other think too. If this happen to most people, they would stop advocating for others. Not I, I hate seeing injustice being served!!!!!