Monday, September 30, 2013

Making It Up As I Going

I am trying to write up a description for an internship that I want to offer to painting student at TU. This is in anticipation of the new studio I will have at the Brit Artscenter with TAC.  It was easy when I was taking about with Mike Smoot,  this will let me have a studio  assistant and hopefully the student will benefit too.  To bad I can't just say, come create good art shit with the king and become ninja, jedi artist! The same amount of people have said I should teach, have also said I should go into politics. Maybe this is my way of doing that. I am Just waiting for the call to do my master class with Mrs. O.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good Vibes

Although, I have been joking around about the new rules that Disney put into effect due to that some people were abusing the system. Being a trail blazer myself, I realized my action work both for the positive and negative. I would like to think most of my actions leave a positive vibe for PWD.
this summer Wifey and I took my nephew Timmy to the go-karts. The track was crowded, they both wanted me to go and I was not getting a good vibe from the staff. So I just sat on the side and watched Timmy, even though I wanted to do it.  later in the day we went to another track that they had at the park and there were less people.
It was our last two tickets, so I went for it. The staff guy did let me go, I did not hit anything or anyone but I did not keep the pedal floored the whole time.
On our way home Timmy said I should have played bumper  cars with him.  My reply was: if I crash the car the whole time, they might not let the next disabled person on the ride due to my actions.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Disabilities Awareness

Check out AAPD's new PSA to be aired on Comcast networks nationwide! #RedefineDisability If I compared this to the two commercial I recently shared it seems too safe. Maybe that is that different between  commercials and PSAs, I always  thought PSA were to provoke thoughts emotions not just awareness? One can also see the differences between European and USA attitudes towards PWD.

Here are two commercials that popped up in the last couple of weeks. Even though they are for different products, they both have the theme of able body people adapting to the PWD world.  You should know the two commercials are European, I wonder if they finally realizing that PWD are tired of living in a world that is not accessible and are trying to turn the tables to create more awareness?

Disability Awareness by Peter Downs

guinness wheelchairs basketball commercial by Edward Heising

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

That's Entertainment

As I was watching that football game last Thursday night, NBC ran some promo for the new TV season. There was a clip from the new Michael Fox show.
the set up:
family is having breakfast at the table.
Fox is spooning out eggs to put on dish.
Eggs are falling off the spoon.
Wife grabs Fox's hand and says, we are in a hurry.

To me that is funny shit, because I can relate to that. As an example, Wifey and I will be headed out the door and I start to switch the laundry to the drier. Wifey says, "I got that, just go jump into your chair, we have to go." If other people are not used to the disability life style will the see the humor in the situation?

My question about the show Ironside will every crime scene be accessible? It would be cool if they could work that into the show. I bet not many people have seen a chair user balance on two wheel and pull their selves up stairs. Nor, someone butt climb stairs and their friend carries the chair up the stairs. I SAY RELEASE THE GIMPS!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Keplinger's Three S's of Being An Artist

1. You get to make shit up!

2. Good shit happens!

3. The income is shitty!

Two out of three is not bad. I keep saying art is not a career, it is a life style.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Bonding

So Brooke come down the other night to spend some time with us and Zarrah. We both we playing Candy Crush, crush, crush baby but any way Wifey and Brooke started to talk about their texting techniques. If one or two fingers were faster, so as everything does in a family this became a competition.

the contest was, who could text what I said the fastest, but still be accurate. Talk about interest!