Monday, June 29, 2015

Just 2 Minutes, B.S.

Two wrongs does not make a right, but this had too feel good and made people see what a Mother Father he is.  No way he was there for just "2 minutes"!

State To Require Cameras In Special Ed Classrooms

I don't know about this, is this a live feed for parents? Why should cameras just be in class rooms for #SpecialEd students? It is not like they are the only students being mistreated and their privacy is no lesser than any other student. Really is something was going to happen, it would be be easy to go out of camera rage.

9 First Steps to Student-Directed IEPs

I wonder how old are the students when they start going to‪ IEP‬ meetings? I remember IEP meeting season, everyone goes meets in a room and you know everyone was talking about you, but did not know why. I started to go to IEP meeting when I was 16, but I was ask to attend everyone. Especially in high, I think I only got to go to the last one. It was like you can have input in your goals, but only when we say you can, kind of odd.
There has been a lot of good comments on my Facebook Post!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

An Example Why PWDs Get in Bubble

Wifey and I sat out today on our errands and I received a check that I wanted to cash on our way.  To get it cash today we went to the check's bank as I have done before, although I do not have an account with this bank. We made sure that we had two forms of ID and my stamp.

so we found a branch of the  bank in the area that we were in, we get up to the teller and gave her the check and both IDs. We also told her that I could make an X, or stamp the check, but right away she asked if I had a payee rep?  I have been to other branches of this bank and never had a problem although I do not have and account with them. Any other time I would just need to put a thumb print on the check and be done in 5 minutes.  After the third time the teller asked  Wifey about a payee rep. I lost it and loud.  She acted like I was not even there and she could not cash it, I just needed to go to my bank. The bank manager stepped in and I got my money. I am sure the manager knew I was pissed.  I know my actions were not appropriate, but I am just done!  I would rather act liked an asshole  and have my voice heard, be sides everyone remember assholes.

This is why People With Disabilities get in a routine, because once we get a comfort zone we feel respected. That is just want from society, but at the same time it becomes a bubble and becomes limited for resources when there is whole world to explore!