Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Fork In The Road Update (2012 House Projects)

On Friday, I had my yearly IP meeting with UCP and Service Coordination. We were still waiting to hear if I got the funding for the stair lift. I decided just to come and tell them that we are moving, even thou I knew it could but the whole process at risk.  At best they could say I had start the application process all over.  I know at worse they could say since we are moving I would be disqualified from the program.

As it turned out, it would be the worse of the two. Without talking to anyone I would be disqualified from the waiver, because we are moving into a rental property.

When Dena and I got home, I received a letter from Mrs. Martinez stating the funds have been approved from the Community Pathways Waiver.  Dena and I called Mrs. Martinez to make her aware that we are moving to a rental property. She said, they do not give funds unless we own the place, but there is a change that I could still obtain the funds. Mrs. Martinez said, I can submit a letter from my doctor and the property owner before they make a finally decision. That is where I stand at this moment, this week hope to have the two letters to Luan. So she can forward them to Mrs. Martinez.

This is like when I had give up my full ride to UNC for my MFA, because I could not get a care provider paid while living out of state. I have been dealing with red tape since I was 18!