Tuesday, May 18, 2010

World of Possibilities Expo

This was the third year that we did the WOP Expo. It turns into mostly a way to reconnect with friends, although I display my art work and look to make networks for speaking engagements.
This year we took Fizz Jewelry; it was over whelming, we sold over a hundred pair of earrings. We were also joined by the Ellene “Brit” Christiansen Memorial http://britmemorial.com/; this is a fund that helps makes art accessible for the disabled.
The expo is always a nice change of paste, because I can just hang and still share some of my stories.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Off To Mohawk Valley Community College

Even if our destination is just an hour away, we should plan to take double the time to arrive there. Sometime this happens if we know there is a long drive a head of us. As I looked up the direction for MVCC, something seemed to be familiar about this route and sure enough it was. Mohawk Valley is about 30 minutes from Hamilton College; at the end of route 12 we made a left instead of a right.
To people in the area, route 12 is slow and boarding but to us it is a treasure chest. We stop every mile, or two in order to check something out, or at Wal-Mart to get an oil change and dinner. Then a gas stop that turned into a 45-minute scratch off stop. Dena and I really enjoy our time together and see other ways of living.
The next day was the presentation, but before that was a reception to recognize students and professor for out standing achievement for the school year. This is when I met Christina and her wonderful dog. Maybe she will help me get one of my own, not that I need a better one then Camden.
During the screening of the film we had the opportunity to hang in the green room with our host Mike, this was more entertaining. Also we stumbled on the drum that used to begin and end the speaking portion. We are always more interested in meeting the people that hang around after the engagement, most of the time that is when we get the real interesting questions.