Thursday, December 20, 2012

Newtown Massacre Was Not Cause By Shooter's Aspergers

RT @Marianne_Russo: Reports that Adam Lanza Newtown shooter had sensory processing disorder creating a frenzy of misinformation (cont)
Posted 2/19/13

RT @DisabilityMap: Those with Asperger's have started now-large online communities.
Posted 1/3/13

RT @Marianne_Russo: First of its kind DNA testing to be done on Sandy Hook shooter.  I'm all for research but it will remove the (cont). Why Wouldn't this lead to a type of profiling and what would they do with the people that do have "Killer" DNA?
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RT @HuffingtonPost: 10-year-old sister of shooting victim writes Obama a letter about gun control
Posted 12/22/12

: Please watch & tweet short film for awareness!  

 National Council on Disability's Letter to the President after Newtown Tragedy

"Josephine loved the color purple. Born in Maryland, she grew up in a family of Ravens fans and developed an affinity for all things purple. She rarely left the house without wearing something purple..."
Still praying and shedding tears for all the victims, family and friends. This, I believe, hits everyone's heart no matter where we are from.

 *thank you Lisa Waters 
Family of Josephine Gay Releases Statement

Does Asperger's effect one's DNA, or Geins? I just heard that they are going study the DNA of the Newtown Shooter. The are going the study the DNA to see if they can identify the Geins of his mental illness that makes people do this horrible acts. Would it be a start to another type of profiling and what would they do with people that have the potential to be violent? 
Posted 12/20/12

My Life With Asperger's How to live a high-functioning life with Asperger's. by John Elder Robison

RT @LoveThatMax: Too true. RT @hollyrpeete "It’s really hard to unscare people" CT coverage creates dangerous stereotypes of autism.

A request from a cyber friend:

The Parents Like Us Club is a collaborative blog for parents of children and adolescents diagnosed with mental illnesses.
We are working on meeting with Senator Dick Durbin and other senators in Washington DC sometime early in the new year, to bring them our children's stories because mental health care and educational support need to be front and center in whatever plans President Obama has in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut.
Email us at if you'd like to share your story, contact your senator, come to Washington, or any of the above.

Chrisa Hickey
Posted 11/18/12
I do not keep re-posting these links to be an alarmist, but as resource to educate one's self. More importantly others that are not familiar with disability culture. I do not mean to seem as I have no sympathy for the families, I have cried many times over the weekend.  What happen last week will effect generations. Not only there will be un-opened presents under the Christmas tree, but this could end marriages and families.
Sandy Hook Shooting: I Am Adam Lanza's Mother - @Gawker
RT @JJsList: Connecticut school shooting thrusts autism into national spotlight. Read full article at:
Posted 11/17/12

This is an interesting article, I remember when I was at Ridge I would get frustrated and had now way to express, or release it.  Sometime it would get to the point that they would take to the PT room and let me beat the shit out of a bean bag chair. Who knows if that was wrong, or right?
RT @ESE_Educator: Experts: No link between Asperger's, violence
 RT @GabriellaBurman: “@ejwillingham: My post, now @Slate: Whatever motivated Adam Lanza, it wasn’t #Aspergers  via @doublexmag” #disability
RT @GreggBeratan: Don't Stigmatize Asperger's Syndrome in Wake of Newtown Massacre.
Posted 12/16/12

Why are they wasting time taking the same sex marriage act to the Supreme court? People voted and it will be a law now, same sex marriage will not kill people, or be the end of society.  The bigger issue is the innocent people that keep getting killed by guns. At least 27, including 18 children, dead in Connecticut school shooting: report
Posted 11/14/12

Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Christmas trees $29.99 & up"

This is how I used to get my trees for under $10. when I was a "lonely man".  I would go to the pre-cut tree lot and look for my "Charlie Brown tree", to me they are the best.  First of all most people do not want them, so you get these trees for a good price.  Then when you get it home you put more time and care into the decorating to make it look good.
The other way to get a good price on a tree is to get it a day, or two before Christmas and do not go for the best three on the lot.  The magic happen when you get it home.