Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Fears....

last weeks visit to AU was my last engagement for this year. in 08 I had 14 gigs and this year I end up with 15. this has been excellent considering how everyone has been seeing budget cuts. I knew it was only a matter of a before I and the disability world were more impacted by the economies.

I could understand the lack of interest for planning a speaker to come presenting at schools and organizations. To me it is more alarming how programs are being cut that help the disabled community. I just learned the rolling access fund by DDA will gone by the end of the year. This program could purchase equipment not covered by Medicare, insurance, and impossible to pay on a limited income.

Also MCIL is closing up within 3 weeks, this has been a great resource and advocate for the disable in Maryland. My fears are that the cuts will go deeper and our quality of life will roll backwards.

Pets luxury or therapy?


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When Dena and I moved, we could not bring our cat, boo boo with us. Since Mike and Brook already had a dog, boo boo is a one has pet and does not like most people. She is a small cat with a big attitude. So it would hard to find her a new home.
Boo boo and Michael seems to have a good connection, so we offer him be boo boo new dad. His first reaction was joy and no doubt. Later Michael changed his mind, not because he did not want her, but rather that he would have to pay to have a pet in his apartment.
When I moved into my apartment, I would have to pay $300.00 even if I just had one gold fish. In case the apart suffered any damages. Why does the elder and disabled need to pay a free to keep pets in apartment? I would hope landlords would see the therapeutic value.
These two demographics live on a limited income. By the time monthly bills are paid, there goes 80 to 90 % of their money. By having pets a person can be save from depression and even elongate one’s life.