Monday, November 14, 2011

Forget Laws, Be Human

On Saturday morning Wifey and I were on our way out to run some ernes. Mike was on his way out to walk Camden, Mike is wifey’s ex-husband that we share the house with. His name is on the house; he really does not act like a landlord.

Mike goes on to tell Wifey the neighbor emailed to complain again about the noise I make when I move around our house.  This time the bitch was that I took a shower too early when we left for California. The other thing is packing up to early on Sundays to go tailgating, other gigs.  In other words he wants me to be consider and not start my day until 9 A.M. 

The neighbor has been complaining about me for 2 years now and has never talk to me. I was sitting in the car with the door open and legs out.  Wifey brings the neighbor over to talk.  I started out by stating Mike is not my Father and you do not pay my bills.  If you have a problem talk to me, not Mike, or Wifey, which just pissed him off. As I went on he got more piss off because he had to take time to listen to me while wife translated.  I am so pissed off/frustrated that I bit my tongue and bleeding.

The whole time he was hiding being the car door never making I eye contact with me, as if I am below him. He is just a bully and I am the gimp that is going take him down. When we first moved in, we explain my disability and my work is as an artist and public speaker.  We also said I will be using my Special Needs Trust to help make the house more accessible. He said maybe he could help with the trust to make it work for me.

Saturday I asked how can you work with the disabled when you cannot understand them as people?  The whole he said he just wanted more consideration and that means living by his rules.  I told him if he thinks I’m doing wrong, just call the cops next time.  He replied I do not want go that far.  If you think I am doing wrong back it up.

This is the same guy that wanted us to put off the work on the bathroom to make it more accessible, because he showing his house. Another example of how he thinks his life is more important then others.

Wifey and I got back home and everyone was out side. The neighbor plus wife, Mike and us, I am sitting in the same position in the car.  Once again they are talking about more consideration. Like taking showers the night before, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! I jump on down on the grown and slammed car door.

The wife says you do slam the door close and the pictures on their wall shake.  If they want more consideration, they can pay for an O.T. to evaluated me and pay for any commendations they suggest.

They just want more consideration and want us to be friends. Now the husband is calling my name and trying buddy up to me. I repeat it is too late, next call the cops if you think I am doing wrong. Back up what you believe in!  I crawled over to my chair, got in it and came into our house.

Our neighbors' actions are not about breaking ADA laws, or discrimination it’s about being human.

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