Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

I had a very good and humorous Christmas: Brooke gave me some had blown straws that are wider to drink soup with.  Now it gets funny, Wifey gives me her gift, with my first rip. I tare the corner of the paper and see an image of a baby stroller.  Wifey said my face started to ask a hundred questions.  Her gift was a cup holder to put onto my chair. Then I open Michael’s gift, the shirt is a funny on facebook. It says “your face” 3 million dislikes. This is the most I ever laughed opening my gifts.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How Long Does Plastic Really Stick Around?

Swallowing plastic is a weird sensation, when one does not have use of both hands other devices are used to open plastic and chip bags.  I have tried using the popping method; you push the air to one end until the bag pops open. You end up with a big mess, the contain flies out and most of it is crush.  On occasions both ends pop open, so you just have a food tunnel and keep eating until the chips stop falling out.

I end up using the hand and mouth method, the only problem is that sometimes pieces of bags get stuck in my teeth. It may take hours to work this little piece of plastic out with my tongue and/or by toothbrush. By the time I do get the plastic dislodge, it is to far back and end up swallowing it. I can feel the invader go half way down as it hits the side of my throat. I usually take a long drink to make sure it gets all way down.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

15 Lives Later Follw Up

Brooke and I got off to a late start on Friday, plus the traffic was insane.  If there was not roadwork, it was an accident. So we got to Kennedy Krieger institute an hour late.  From the start, we were working against the clock since Brooke had to work that night.  While we were waiting a Spanish mother comes in with her two boys.

The older boy was about 5 and kept looking at me like what the...  At first I had my back to the family and Brooke was enjoy the faces that the boy was making.  I turned around and put my hand out so he could give me five.

We finally went back with Susan to start working on the new head sticks.  Time starts flying by and only one head stick is partly done.  Brooke and I start thinking of alternative plans. Maybe I could stay and Wifey picks me up later.

We told Susan of our dilemma, it so happen that her daughter was in a holiday program by our house.  Susan offered to drop the head sticks by our house after the program.  I went a head and road to work with Brooke and Wifey picked me up from there.

Sure enough Susan comes by our house at 11:30 and it fit as soon as I put the head stick on!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

15 Lives Later

Tomorrow I am going to get new head sticks, the last I got new one was in ’05, or ’06.  I also wait until they are totally trashed and held together with tape plus cardboard. This drives Brooke and Wifey crazy.  It is like turning in your car for a new one.  The less you get for trade in, the more of a badge of honor it is.

When I do get new head stick, there is a breaking period. As when people need to use their favorite pen.  This is the first time both of my head sticks broke, or fell at the same time.  That is why part of it is purple, Brooke and I took two head sticks and made one.  Glue would not hold alone, so we added the plastic ties too.

It we kept adding plastic ties; I could look like those guys from High Lander 2.  The 2 guys with the porcupine hair on the flying “skateboards”. As always Camden has to check out everything I do.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fellow Artist

April Wood

Robert Florio

Carlton Mackey

Dino Lara

Jason Magbanua

Mango Red

Josh Blue

Gregory Burns

Matt Sesow
Stacy Marx

Educational Tid Bits 2011

Elimination Of IEP Diploma Turns Divisive By
I think they should be able to walk, really have mixed feelings. I know when they refused to mainstream me. I thought about dropping out of school, why waist 4 years if I would not get a diploma.
Posted 1/11/12 Internship Opportunities for College Students with Disabilities at the Smithsonian Institution
PA - SEARCH program trains disabled workers from school to employment
NTID gets $170,000 for research, cultural awareness project
College students w/ LD need to learn to advocate
Scholarship Program For People With Disabilities
50 Special Ed Teachers and Experts Worth Following on Twitter
Celebrating 35 Years of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA):
The STEP Program is a program for someone no longer in the school system and is between 18 and 20,wants to work and is DD eligible through DDA. Their focus is on jobs. It is a small program which leads me to believe it might be relatively new. I think the focus might be for students who fall into a black hole when they leave school at 18 and are not eligible for GTYI funding until 21.

I could not find links for STEP, or GTYI.
Extracurricular & Nonacademic Activities in IEPs IDEA Court ruling Oct. 7, 2010 #moms #teachers #iep
Awareness to Action: Celebrating 10 Years of Inclusive School:
Disabilities Scholarships
RT @suzrobitaille: Walmart Awards $600,000 to @AAPD for Internship Program
RT @BmoreSchools: In @waitingforsuperman , where were the kids who don't have parents or adults who advocate for them?
RT @disabledworld: Scholarships for Higher Education - Hamilton Relay
RT @AIM_Center: Digital textbooks making way to W.Va. schools - State News - Charleston Daily Mail - West Virginia News and Sports -
RT @disabledworld: Apple App Store - Special Education Section
RT @CRPDisabilities: Too costly to help disabled at school
RT @nichcy: Best sources for #specialeducation info & resources: @educationweek, @NAEYC, @WholeChildAdv , @Inclusive_Class, @DiscoveryEd, @edutopia. #FF

on twitter
RT @NAIDW: Education Department Backs Away From Fix To Help Disabled Student Borrowers -

Articles 2010-2012

An 11-year-old disabled boy and his family are outraged after he was "shunned to the back" for his Year 6 graduation photo. Why would you even put a disabled be hide people that are standing. No adults were think like a human when they were positioning these students.
Posted 11/26/12
Disabled people can be freaky deakies too especially when they do not discover their sexually until later in life, or have to adopted their life style due to a injury. Some people would even call me a sexual deviant when I using pornos to relieve my frustrations.  The  first time my mom viewed the King Gimp with us, she was sitting be hide me. When she saw the part about the porn, I got a good smack on the back of my head.
My best friend, Jody has his master in sexology and now is work on his PDH and teacher is teaching at the school.  He has tried many time to have the school bring me there to talk to the students about my frustrations and experiences of being disabled and a sexual being.  There has been a few times Wifey and I have been speaking and the topic of sex comes up, but it was not the write plate form.  The curiosity is there, but the right audience remains to be found.
RT @DHorizons: Accessibility and sexual expression via @DHorizons 
Posted 12/24/12/
No matter what age you are, when it comes to sexuality and the disabled this is a taboo topic.  Most people think the disabled are incapable of having sex, or even having knowledge about sex. How can you stop something as natural and is in ever type of media as sex.  Yes sex can be frustrating as hell, if one does not have outlet to release these feelings.  One's sexuality is as necessary as breathing. 
RT @accessinclusion: 'How do I have sex now?' Intimacy for the physically disabled, shedding light on the taboo. #disability

Posted 12/19/12

RT @AboutDisability: Youth Disability Advocate Awards and Scholarships 
Posted 12/12/12

RT @rollaramp: Program provides wheelchair-accessible home to family in need. Too bad this is not a national program.
Posted 11/10/12

John Franklin Stephens on his open letter to Ann Coulter: "Use me as a symbol for someone who fights adversity" I keep having the same thoughts about bullying.  If our leaders are acting like kids, calling each other names and degrading one another when they do not get they way. This behavior is just becoming more accepting through out our whole society.  

Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words, but when spoken one word can do a life time of damage, or make a person feel like a billion bucks.
Posted 10/27/12

RT @barrierfreemb: Disturbing: Ann Coulter Defends Outrageous Remarks #accessibility #a11y
What a Douchebag, but that is not a good to description for this "person" that can influence the thoughts of millions.  In the definition of Douchbag they even use the R word.  Maybe some body should lock her in  an institution and treat her like she is not human. If no other politician finds her offensive, they do not care about the disability community.  
Ann Coulter's backward use of the 'r-word' John Franklin Stephens on CNN.  
john franklin stephens open letter.
Posted 11/26/12

RT @nichcy: University of Tennessee program gives students with intellectual disabilities chance to attend college  This is a good example of how I speak about how everyone has something to contribute to society.  I also talk about how people may just see the help that I get from others, but in reality they also benefit from seeing my drive to achieve my goals.
Posted 10/8/12

RT @CLD_GSU: To Avoid Long Lines, Some Turn To Wheelchairs via @zite. If people want the perks of being a gimp, they should also see the down side. They should have to use a wheelchair for the rest of their trip. It is the same thing as parking in a gimp space.  I always wanted to ask the person if I could kiss them for 2 minutes.
posted 10/5/12
 RT @DisRightsUK: New Let's Stop Disability Hate Crime guides, available to download from our website today  #stopdisabilityhatecrime
I find it interesting that the UK has disability hate crimes.  I wonder if this is just a usage of language, or the UK take this issue that serious?

In US hate crimes are criminal acts, are they considering discrimination a criminal act in the UK?  In the US, discrimination is Considered to be a civil matter and a lot of cases are not notice because it is more money to hire a lawyer then the victim usually has as an income.  If you try to stand up for your rights at the time, you get threaten with trespassing, or causes a public disturbance so you end up going to jail.  
Posted 2/22/12

 To make these Trust even more complex, some state want to change the rules has they go.  This not for the Trustee, or the benefactor.
RT @TheCoffeeKlatch: Navigating Special Needs Trusts #tck

 We agree! RT @ms4less: Interesting story about an artist with one eye. The worst #disability in life is a bad attitude!
Posted 2/13/12

RT @NirviShah: Feds Say More Students May Qualify for Disability Services via @educationweek
Posted 2/1/12

I think this is the same story about the documentary at Sundance.  It is a taboo subject, but needs to be addressed. The clip I saw was with a client in an Iron log.  Sex i s something that should be something everyone should experience.

Healings Hands
A sex surrogate helps men get over their sexual dysfunctions by getting into bed with them. Is this medicine? Or plain old-fashioned prostitution served up with a spoonful of love? 

Wow President Obama issued a statement proposing better labor standards for in-home care workers. I always thought if care providers got better pay and were paid on time it would be a win, win for all. The care provider could have a better income and the would give a higher quality of care. The over time party may be hard to make happen since that would be hard to write into a yearly budget.
Plus it is a job market that will not disappear, most likely it just keep growing. DAH!
Better wages for care provider 
Posted 12/15/11

Disability Sex Dating and Adult Chat

New online comic treats disabilities realistically
a fun fyi about international disabled parking permits

i never did good on exam myself, did effect my until college, could be why i don't believe in standerlize test

you can live like everyone else, but only if you follow our rules.

public school district says no to service dog

poll on learning disabled as parents

Media dis&dat: Delaware high school selects student with CP as pr...
Ski Wear Designed Just For Adaptive Skiing. Order Yours Today
Bravo TV "Work of Art" contestant puts a face on OCD
Celebrating the ADA — Reflections From Tom Harkin
College Planning Handbook for Students with Disabilities
US Senate passes Internet video access act
Assistive Technology on the Move – CAP team lists some new #AT, including those for phones
what are people thinking, botax to treat c.p., especially with kids!!!!!!
Washing times
Health and Disability Fact Books Guides and Publications
Study:Asthma drug albuterol can ease symptoms of MS
A very interesting NPR series has been running on nursing homes, push for home-based care options and the DOJ's...
Home Care Might Be Cheaper, But States Still Fear It
RT @disabledworld: Budget Cuts Leave Disabled Adults To Fend For Themselves
RT @ParkingMobility: Discovering the social model of disability
RT @EasyStand: If you think it is important that people with disabilities get the equipment they require - you need to do this.
RT @disabilityscoop: Oprah Taps Man With Cerebral Palsy To Host New Show
RT @NationalADAPT: Learn about the HHS/HUD Community Living Initiative at
RT @TiffCarlson: My latest blog! Spin 2.0: Does marriage without a license satisfy?
Nebraska goes GIMP! Challenges norms of body image, #disability & #performance in "Life as a #Dance." #gimp
RT @MAGICWHEELSgear: Amazing video: Boy rescues paraplegic bunny, designs tiny wheelchair -
i think is good that people are always developing new devices to improve life for people with disabled. personally i be interesting in using one of these, but i never walked so i might not know what I'm missing. then again it might lead to another device that i might use one day.

i did see an interview on CNN with Austin, he hope that some day this device will be affordable for everyone. that is where my skepticism kicks in.
Engineers to help paraplegic student walk at graduation via @AddThis
i think is good that people are always developing new devices to improve life for people with disabled. personally i be interesting in using one of these, but i never walked so i might not know what I'm missing. then again it might lead to another device that i might use one day.

i did see an interview on CNN with Austin, he hope that some day this device will be affordable for everyone. that is where my skepticism kicks in.
Engineers to help paraplegic student walk at graduation via @AddThis
Disabled man warns of dangers of guns, drugs
RT @TecAccess: Study Backs iPad For Students With Disabilities #disabilities, #accessibilities
RT @ParkingMobility: Handicapped Parking Abuse Is Costing Cash-Strapped California ‘Millions’

Reading the comments to this story is a perfect example why, when budget are services for the disable are first to go. most of time when the press does cover a disability issue, people are more likely to remember the miss usage of funds, or worse.

They should have buy a roll cage on the chair and dragged both teams behide him.
RT @TroyWheelchairs: Video: A Student In A Wheelchair Scored A Heartwarming Touchdown
via @BISportsPage

Maryland Independent Living Centers Location


               Facebook    Gallery    Twitter

ESCIL: Eastern Shore Center of Independent Living Cambridge, MD

Southern Maryland Living Independently For Everyone Center Charlotte, MD

Resources for Independence Cumberland, MD

Freedom Center Frederick, MD

Independence NOW, Inc. Silver Spring, MD
I got these from the
Independent Living Centers through the RTC Rural
Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities
Toll Free: 888/268-2743, 406/243-2460 (V), 406/243-4200 (TTY)
Look up by county, zip code and/or state:
Zip Code:
According to this…Statewide Independent Living Councils (SILCs)
David Sharp, SILC Chair
2300 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 554-5412 or (866) 996-0961
TTY: 711
FAX: (410) 554-9380
Tonya Gilchrist, SILC Administrative Officer
2300 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 554-5412 or (866) 996-0961
TTY: 711
FAX: (410) 554-9380


Just bought rubber casters for my desk chair, tired of hearing my wheels roll the wrong way on the wood floors. I need to get them before a big scratch appears on the floor. Sorry Wifey the bank account looks even more sad. On the good side I got the casters from Ebay, so I paid $13.69 for 5 including shipping. Compare to $5.47 per caster.  
Posted 11/25/12
So Ikea stopped carrying their rubber casters for the desk chair and i really want to get some. I just found this link for Cool CastersAmzon, or Ebay I'm store there are other companies out there but this one seems to have a big selection. Just an FYI most desk chairs have  Friction Ring Stems, so the wheels just pop on and off. Also here is a video on how too change the wheels out.

Posted 11/22/12


This is what I would call the dream Dead Bolt for gimp, because it has all 3 options. Keys, keypad and my favorite the remote, or key fob.  The keypad  just does not cut for me, it seem harder to find dead bolts with remotes? Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt Single Cylinder Aged Bronze SimpliciKey
Post 7/13

Wifey and i are redoing a kitchen, we saw an electric stove top that is push button compare to nobs. I do not know how easy it would be to push buttons, or if it is the ideal location for them.  The night I saw an episode of Holmes on Home, where he redid a condo for person in a chair. He installed the same type of stove top, but it only got hot when a pot was on the burner.
Posted 2/28/2

If you live in Maryland, DDA offers one time only funding for home modifications up to $17,000. The home modification should be one that will make your home more accessible and should relate to your disability. You can address it to DDA Central Maryland Regional Office, 1401 Severn Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.  I would suggest that you work on this with your service coordinator, once all of you sign the application. A service funding plan would need to be completed by will need to be done by your direct support service. 
Posted 2/4/12

The MV-1, a car physically built for the disabled, but way of target financially. The MV-1 Car
Posted 12/26/11

Adaptable & Accessible Housing Checklists from Easter Seals
RT @NewsForVets: Give vets' caregivers the relief Congress promised
RT @gimpgirl: RT @yahooaccess: gives u wheelchair accessible info about your location. This is great for travel. #csun11
desk chair caster for hard wood floor. this might be a good idea since i always feel like i'm scratching the floors.
they do have grab bars at home depote, who knew! plus they even come in different styles and still less $$$ then a med. supplier.
some ideas for keyless entry to one's home. you have to look hard for the ones with a remote, but the are out there.
remote control thermostat
a quick fix to control you home lights,remote control digital fade dimmer
A website for special equipments tools in kitchen and work out at home for disability. ABLEDATA is a great resource for this.

King Gimp In The Press


Oscar win changes local woman's life

Spouse and Partner 

Love Without Barriers

Parkville-Overlea Patch
'King Gimp' Talks Parkville 

Documentaries, TV, & film about people with disabilities and disability issues for use in university course, 2012 

My Child at CerebralPalsy.Org

UNCC, 2010

NAU, 2009

WJZ News 2009

ABC News 2009

Friends of The Senator 2009

Towerlight 2009

Rock n Roll Bride May 2009

GSU 2008

Towerlight 2007

Collective Cry 2007

Disability is an Art... August 2005

Pen Magazine 2005

Towerlight, 2004

THE SUN, February 2004

Radar Magazine, February 2004

EDGE Curriculum Culture August 2003

The Daily Record, February 2003

Feature on NPR's All Things Considered, air Febuary 2, 2003

Baltimore Magazine January, 2003 issue

'King Gimp' Revisited, NPR 2002

Ragged Edge, 2002

PKG Article 2002

Ability Magazine March 14, 2002

ARTEmering August 2000

Maryland Film Festival 2000

HBO 2000

Art Business News 2000

Los Angeles Times 2000

`King Gimp' brings Oscar to Maryland, 2000

Zoom Infro.
KSU 2010 Palsy No Barrier to Art: Dan Keplinger’s Paintings Explore the Experience of Disability:2009
Interview with Josh Blue

Tech Stuff 2012

RT @CRPDisabilities: Kinect-based system detects touch and gestures on any surface.  This is cool, I guest with this you can make a touch screen of any size.  I wonder if they would let me come play with it and hook it up to an App. like painter?
Posted 10/19/12
RT @madaQATC: 50 Useful Apps For Students With Reading Disabilities.  I always said I was born at the wrong time. I have been told I have an old soul, but needed the tech tools of today and tomorrow.  Most people say when I was your age I walk...  Where as I can say I was doing long multiplication and division on a typewriter, not to mention algebra.

I did my first book report on the book "Are You My Mother".  I typed the report on an Express 3 and my teacher taped it up on the wall in sun.  Weeks later I looked at the report disappeared due to the sun.
Posted 10/17/12

By Richard Ellenson

Well, I created Panther Technology - a company that's creating innovative new apps to help unleash potential and create inclusion for people with disabilities. Everything from creating an innovative interface that can let many people with motoric disabilities completely control a computer, to one that lets people do math independently just by touching a screen, to our games, which provide inclusion and therapy.

I hope you'll check out our site at
Posted 10/1/12

Now this is the cool stuff! But did not one for a full keyboard, I use the number pad for the mouse keys.  ISkin

I saw a commercial this, you can tell it is not target for the disabled since the price is $14.95.  I like the idea that it glows in the dark.
Posted 2/13/12

The Camera mouse for physically disabled people very special software. who are not able to use computer by hands. Free Download here. This look cool video, why didn't demo it a disabled person?  I wonder how is works with a spastic user.
Camera Mouse 

Posted 2/7/12

RT @accesstechgeek1: What E-Book Readers are the Most Accessible? 
Posted 1/11/12

It is scary, but true how much I rely on my computer. When I am without my computer,  I feel cut off from the out side world. Not only socially, but  for taking care of bills, just maintaining things for daily living.

RT @CRPDisabilities: #Disabled to gain with drive for easy web design #A11y HT @origamiblue2010

Posted 12//28/11

For a few weeks now I have been seeing Verizon commercials for home monitoring, this is target for people that are always on the go.  I think this would also be going for disabled, by smart phone, or computer one can control: locks, light, temperature, and camera.  Of course the states it is only $9.99 a month, what about getting this setup?  The Verizon start up kit runs from $69.99 to $219.99 that is one light control unit.  Then there is the cost of installing all of these items.

I also looked up ADT and they really do not have anything for home environment controls.  ADT

Some other link:
Smart Home USA 
Best Buy 

Posted 12/15/11

Posted 12/7/11
I know I talked about the issue of touch screen devices not being a good idea for the disabled, since these devices work by electric contact.  Mostly for those how uses some type of pointer.  A for week ago I was talking with a OT, found a video of using a piece of sponge to make the pointer into stylus.  Also now there are gloves with something in thing figure tip, so you do not need to take off your glove to use your device.  One could cut off the glove tip and put it on the pointer.

Does anyone with a Quickey chair have a problem with the back wheel axcile keep come loose? Second time of having them tighten, talk about Jeffy Lube keep my ride a life!  My friend Ron suggest can the nuts be replaced with the nylon insert lock nuts? or by using loctite?

Before 12/1/11
College Websites remain inaccessible to PWD
TN Knoxville Deaf center adds video relay services

First Test of Sign Language by Cell Phone
Children's book in sign language on iPad
Equal Access to Technology for Students with Special Needs
Verizon Awards $55,000 to Nonprofits That Use Technology to Help Persons with Disabilities
World First Robotic Legs Provide New Option for Wheelchair Users
Wheelchair design survey
DaVinci Award nominees for adaptive ideas announced
nice design but is it practical, then what hell does it cost?
this is what i was hoping for, tech stuff for the disabiled going mainstream. This article is right on from being more socially accepted to the price. i would hope that grants would catch up. it would only make since that they would cover devices that cost less annd can be used for mulitible task. it would also make other companies rethink there device.

put i still bring up the question of the use of pointers on touch screens.
Parents use iPad for speech therapy - Wall Street Journal: /via @mhakkinen

AIM_Center Nat. The iPad may be the best universal ebook reader thanks to Bluefire Reader
The Gargantuan Textbook Tablet
are the assurance cell plan really a good plan for the disabled and elderly. my big hesitation would be the over usage charges, that would defeat the purpose of a program as this.
See a car parked without a placard? Parking Mobility enables users to report when a car is parked illegally and to have it ticketed More Info
RT @EasyStand: The touch screen Smart phone is heaven on earth for @tiffcarlson as a #quadriplegic #assistivetechnology
RT @enabledby: Assistive Technology & #Design: check out the College of Occupational Therapy @BAOTCOT event I spoke at last week here:
RT @disabledworld: VoiceOver Compatible Apps for iPhone and Mac
RT @disabledworld: Windows Vista Speech Recognition and Narrator
RT @usatechguide: RT @disabledworld Apple's iPad Helps Special-Needs Kids Communicate
RT @disabledworld: Microsoft Announces Free Accessibility Tools and Training for Developers
RT @andyjb: RT @TheConsultantsE: Tablets for Assistive Technology: #mlearning @djainslie via @adricarv worth a look @madaqatc
RT @AIM_Center: National Federation of the Blind Urges Maryland Libraries to Purchase Accessible E-readers - MarketWatch

Monday, November 14, 2011

Forget Laws, Be Human

On Saturday morning Wifey and I were on our way out to run some ernes. Mike was on his way out to walk Camden, Mike is wifey’s ex-husband that we share the house with. His name is on the house; he really does not act like a landlord.

Mike goes on to tell Wifey the neighbor emailed to complain again about the noise I make when I move around our house.  This time the bitch was that I took a shower too early when we left for California. The other thing is packing up to early on Sundays to go tailgating, other gigs.  In other words he wants me to be consider and not start my day until 9 A.M. 

The neighbor has been complaining about me for 2 years now and has never talk to me. I was sitting in the car with the door open and legs out.  Wifey brings the neighbor over to talk.  I started out by stating Mike is not my Father and you do not pay my bills.  If you have a problem talk to me, not Mike, or Wifey, which just pissed him off. As I went on he got more piss off because he had to take time to listen to me while wife translated.  I am so pissed off/frustrated that I bit my tongue and bleeding.

The whole time he was hiding being the car door never making I eye contact with me, as if I am below him. He is just a bully and I am the gimp that is going take him down. When we first moved in, we explain my disability and my work is as an artist and public speaker.  We also said I will be using my Special Needs Trust to help make the house more accessible. He said maybe he could help with the trust to make it work for me.

Saturday I asked how can you work with the disabled when you cannot understand them as people?  The whole he said he just wanted more consideration and that means living by his rules.  I told him if he thinks I’m doing wrong, just call the cops next time.  He replied I do not want go that far.  If you think I am doing wrong back it up.

This is the same guy that wanted us to put off the work on the bathroom to make it more accessible, because he showing his house. Another example of how he thinks his life is more important then others.

Wifey and I got back home and everyone was out side. The neighbor plus wife, Mike and us, I am sitting in the same position in the car.  Once again they are talking about more consideration. Like taking showers the night before, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! I jump on down on the grown and slammed car door.

The wife says you do slam the door close and the pictures on their wall shake.  If they want more consideration, they can pay for an O.T. to evaluated me and pay for any commendations they suggest.

They just want more consideration and want us to be friends. Now the husband is calling my name and trying buddy up to me. I repeat it is too late, next call the cops if you think I am doing wrong. Back up what you believe in!  I crawled over to my chair, got in it and came into our house.

Our neighbors' actions are not about breaking ADA laws, or discrimination it’s about being human.

What Is Your Opinion?

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Good Halloween Cat Story

We used to have a cat named BooBoo, when I would be sitting with my right hand by my side she would walk through it from head to tail. My write hand is my bad one, so it has a mind of it’s own and the CP grab is worse.
CP Grip, your hand grabs something and you can't let go. The more you try to release the tighter the muscle get and bad things happens.
One day I was just sitting relaxing with my bad hand by my side and BooBoo walks by and my hand closes around her tail. By the time my hand decides to let go all four feet were off the floor.

BooBoo did not even look at me for over week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letter To Wifey After trip to CA Home

Dear Bicht,

Thank you for wonderful trip, just why did it take so long to do this. It was not our usual vacation, but I knew what I was getting into. This was a trip about introducing your family and friends to the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.

We had a lot of laughs with everyone from your hometown. I am still confused about witch town you are really from. Along with the laughs, come as many tears from long talks around the kitchen table with your dad.  To be honest that is what I was expecting on this journey and look forward to doing again soon.

Even though we did not have much time as a c couple, we did made best of time we did have.  As for our M O we made a 4-hour drive into an all day drive, but enjoyed it.  I was sitting in our hotel room on the last morning and kept thinking too bad this is not ground hog’s day, because I would the last weeks all over again.

I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, It finally happened me on back of a bike and no strings!!

We stopped back by wifey friend’s Ed house; on the way to the airport, she told Ed it was on my bucket list to ride a bike.  He was more then happy to make that happen, the whole time heading to his family’s I’m thinking how are we going to keep my ass on it.

Wifey and I pull up to their house and the bike is sitting there waiting.  Wifey is having second thoughts, but honey it was your idea. So we go into the house to visit for a while, then the time comes. It was a bit hard getting me on the bike. Once I got in a position and good hold of Ed, I was amazingly still.  Maybe I was so focus on hold to Ed that I forgot that I am spastic CP. The other odd thing was that I was holding on so tight that my arms and legs hurt, but the rest of my body was relaxed.

Sure it just around the block, but to me it like that ride to Vegas. Thank you Ed!!!!