Thursday, August 29, 2013

Knowledge is Power, But Funding Helps Too

I have started a new section of my pinterest page for ideas of groups and organizations that give out money for projects. A lot of times this money goes un-use because people are not aware of them. Please if you know of a foundation that I can add to my collection, I would love to hear about them!

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Painting Headstick is Complete

I would like to take this time to thank V-LINC, especial John for helping me getting back on track  with the painting attachment.  It really saves me a lot of time, frustration, tape and give me my independence. Without this piece each time I want a different brush, I would have to wait for someone to tape it to  the stick. This piece is a very priceless part of my creative process. Some of my professors and producers would it looks to clean to be mine, come on get to work!

Thank You,

Monday, August 19, 2013

What Kid is Really "normal"

So sad! If people are brave enough to be this hateful they should also be as brave to show their face! This is the same as being a bully, when they are really stood to most bullies are big babies their selves.

via Everyone Matters:

An anonymous letter complaining about a next door neighbor's child with autism - saying the child is noisy, and should be euthanized - has pained the family, outraged the community of Newcastle, an hour from Toronto, and stirred viral outrage, as it circulated online yesterday. "It's awful words, You don't know why somebody would ever do such a thing," says Brenda Millson, the grandmother of the boy, Max, 13, who stays with her every summer, and who found the typed note in her mailbox.

Understandly, Max's parents have been devastated. "I have secondary progressive MS, so I can't run or walk with him anymore," cried Karla Begley, Max's mother, responding to the note's accusation that the boy should be taken to a park or nature trail rather than make noise right outside the house.

Jim Begley, Max's father, was concerned about the tone of the note. "A person that's that crazy or demented that would fabricate something like that leads you to believe that they're very dangerous. Right now I'm very scared for my son's safety."

The local Durham police are planning to file charges if the note's author is identified. Fortunately, the community has rallied behind the family. "Max is welcome here anytime," says a neighbor.

The more we all understand each other's differences, the less judgment there will be - and the accusation of "otherness." Everyone Matters
Here's the video:

Thanks to Velvet Rose Wile, Kerry Smedley-Elliott, Tom LaSusa and others who asked us to give support to the Begleys and speak out against such discrimination.

Not As I Planed

The other day Wifey gave me some peanuts and they fall through my tooth hole. Wifey thought I was having trouble chewing them because I could not get then in my jaw, but they were stuck under my tongue. It took me about five minutes just to work the peanuts from their escape root, but I finally did. the straw thing did not go my way either, when I use a regular plastic straw. My lip still pushes it up against my top teeth, so I still mash the the straw. On the other hand the tooth hole works good with my fish tubing straws, that is good for soups and frozen drinks. If I was really into body modification, I would put a spacer in my lip into front of missing tooth. That way the straws would go through the spacer, but then the ring would need a rubber gasket to get an air tight seal. Have I thought this out, or what?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Witch Gimp?

When they said bring out the gimp in pulp fiction, I wonder if there were referring to the bondage suit or the person. There is a hint that the gimp is also a Person with Disability. If you saw the HBO version of #kinggimp, the suit might have been the next step for me if I did not find my beautiful wife. I know, I did not make this up. When I did look up Gimp-A fighting spirit, I was using a Franklin dictionary and no other dictionary has it.

Via Victoria Arlen 'heartbroken' by IPC World Swimming omission

Also in #WTF category, this is like when I have to have a yearly physical to document that I still a disability in order to keep my care providers. Like I what to fake my disability so my lazy ass can sit in a chair while people take care of me. Or how insurance makes one decide between a manual, or electric chair. Both chairs are equally important, the electric chair lets me have independence and a manual chair lets me travel in family and friend car’s so I can have a social life.!article-81313/c14rc

It is crazy how people still think making property accessible devalues there property even when its for another one’s home! ‪ once we lived at an appartment complex and wanted to take out the the and do a roll in shower. They said we could do it, but when we moved we had to put the shower back. idiots!!!

via  Vincent and Heidi Giesegh, the parents of a 16-year-old daughter that has spastic #CerebralPalsy built an accessible ramp to their front door and widened their driveway to accommodate their child’s needs. However, their efforts have placed them in the middle of a neighborhood spat. The family and the community builder are receiving complaints from Giesegh’s neighbors stating that the Giesegh’s ramp hurts the value of the homes in the neighborhood, even though the construction was approved by the City of Fountain, Colorado. “I mean we’re trying to do our best to assist our daughter with her daily needs to get in and out of the house,” said Vincent. “As she goes into her spastic modes, we could just tumble down the stairs and both of us could get massively hurt,” said Heidi, about the ability to access the home without a ramp. What do you think should be done to calm this situation?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013




Weinberg Center For The Arts 20 West
Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701

This is a free event and open to the public, but donations would be welcome.

Please keep up with my life and adventures via FaceBook, or Twitter.
If you cannot join us live on Wed. @WeinbergCenter, please get update on @ServiceCoord and their FB page

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Reaction to: Don't Hate The Cure, Hate the Haters! @theseed9811

 I think it comes down to the quality of life. Some parents might want their children to have the same changes in life as they did and this can not be achieved while their child is disabled. I have been asked many time about the "Magic Pill" of I have always said hell no! I have three degree, live life as an Artist, have lovely wife and daughter. Not to say I been to the Oscar's and get to travel all over sharing my story. How many other able body people get to do that?

I do get nervous and sad when I about parents putting their kids through a experimental surgery, or treatment when it causes them pain and time from living life. For example, when I at Ridge school there were kids that missed school months at a time due to surgery to have there hamstrings cut. In order to have their legs be able to stand flat footed and most of the time it did not work. So was it worth them missing out on school and the social aspect for this surgery.

in recent years people have been doing experimental treatment with Botox. Lets think about this, they putting poison into one's body to relax/tighten muscles. None of this is permanent, so every few months you need another shot.

Why not use the same time, energy and funds to make their environment more accessible for their lives? To me that would seem more beneficial and for all. I just all of the money being spent on "Medicine" When it could use for long lasting accessibility!