Monday, August 19, 2013

Not As I Planed

The other day Wifey gave me some peanuts and they fall through my tooth hole. Wifey thought I was having trouble chewing them because I could not get then in my jaw, but they were stuck under my tongue. It took me about five minutes just to work the peanuts from their escape root, but I finally did. the straw thing did not go my way either, when I use a regular plastic straw. My lip still pushes it up against my top teeth, so I still mash the the straw. On the other hand the tooth hole works good with my fish tubing straws, that is good for soups and frozen drinks. If I was really into body modification, I would put a spacer in my lip into front of missing tooth. That way the straws would go through the spacer, but then the ring would need a rubber gasket to get an air tight seal. Have I thought this out, or what?

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