Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Research During Artist Residency at Towson University

I finally started to play with my Cintiq last night, this is part of my research during my Artist Residency at Towson University. I wanted a beer:30 15 minutes into it, but I knew it would be like that. It is like learning two mediums at once and still make it fit into your body of work.

Until now, I just used photoshop to edit stuff where as now I am using it to create. I have keep reminding myself, if I keep editing too much it would not look like the rest of my work. Then I need to get use to the stylus on the screen, it does not have any give like canvas, or paper. At this point I just trying to figure out the basics.

For example, use a small point to make marks, but they all blend together. Or use a bigger point to make one stoke and just add a lot of layers. I started the layer method and started to make some process.  I do see the protentual for this medium, their is just something about being on the floor painting, drawing with my control kaos.

For those mothers and therapists out there I am sitting my chair while using the Cintiq.

March, 4

My second session with the Cintiq was less productive, I spent the time messing around with setting and other geeky stuff to see what would work and what would not. I only got one layer that was a keeper. No one likes those types of days, but is a necessary evil.

Cool, thanks, I am just playing around with it. Seeing the limitations, with my being Towson U. we want to re-design the stylus so it can be pressure sensitive and can change angles to get different marks. Just as using a painting brush with the headstick

March, 27 The joys of campus computers, 20 mins of work lost! The computer crashes, when you restart you cannot even re-open your file because flash, java, and photoshop are out of date. You cannot update them since you are not the Admin.

April, 14

When I paint on the floor, I move around the canvas so I can change the direction of my brush. I really cannot do that with the Cintiq, so I use the canvas rotation option in photoshop.

May, 14

I just found out last night that Towson U. extended my residency until August 2016. Now Stuart and I are trying to apply for grant to help fund this project, we got our start up funding from the producers of King Gimp. With this we were able to buy the Cintiq and pay for my assistant for the fall and spring semesters.  This Spring semester we did apply for a grant for emerging technology on campus, but we did not get it. We worked with a grant writing class to help us put this proposal together. They also wrote another grant to submit to the Andy Warhol Foundation, but the does not happy this Fall. Would any one have any idea for grants?

Oct. 21

Some people might think it is less complex creating art in digital form, but after a full studio day working on it. I feel like I just took a final, because that is how much my brain work while doing it. I am not only thinking about the marks and colors I want to use, but also is the same going to show up when it is printed?

Nov. 23

In this clip you can see how I zoom in and use the fun brush to build up me areas of colors.  You also observe how I use the rotate tool to spin the image so I can get the right direction for each mark.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ski Bash 2015

Huge thank you to Pam and all of the volunteers for another great Ski Bash? We will see ya all next year-

It was still worth stay an extra night even with a 12 hour journey home, we could enjoy the day of skiing, hot tube and a night as a couple. After spending time with a great bush of people and old friends.

We did get free snackage on the way home, the dollar general was giving away $10 gift  card to the 1st 50  people, so Wifey even got me out of the car in the snow for my.

When we get to town, we cut through Towson to dodge some of the hills. I can only awesome the new beer on campus it Natural Light.

We are old married folk, were in bed by 11 last night. However I did last to partake in the traditional underground Jell-O shots.
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Good afternoon of ‪#‎skiing‬, got 5 runs in including 2: black diamonds. Now of to dinner with old friends and a night of adult beverages.
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Bring on the pain, 6 years of no skiing. Wifey ready with icey hot, advil, and spiced SOCO.
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Wifey, room facing slopes, beer, and music hell yeah life is good!
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I should take a page from her dad’s book take her on top of black diamond and say see ya down below. He would love that!
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Wifey playing sick, last time we went ‪#‎skiing‬ she talk the talk but ended up by the fire with coaco.
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