Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our Youngest


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I came out from the bathroom this morning and found this little one curled up on my power chair. Wifey tells me she does that a lot, especially on the days I go to the studio. In fact Daisy will sleep in my chair for about an hour after I leave for the day.

Each morning after I take a shower and open the door, she has to have kisses before I can get out of the bathroom. I would like to think it's because she misses me and not for the leftover toothpaste.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Studio Days

Although I have multiple art shows around the corner, I do not feel rushed to create art. Wifey might say on studio mornings,  I am like a thoroughbred crashing around in the gate before the race. Once I do hit the studio, I go on cruise control not worrying about things around me, or how far is the finish line. Some days Brianna just puts on the music and we just break for lunch and other days we might talk about each other's work and other "stuff". It is just all part of the process of creating awesomeness!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Artist's Mediums By Seasons

I am a seasonal artist when it comes to my mediums, although oils is my medium of choice I do not like to use it during the hot months. When i do paint I like dress in pants a lot shirts to cover up as much as I can. Even when the paint feels heavier when it is hot, plus it is nice to changes mediums every few months since the each can offer a different quality to the subjects you are working. Also one medium can trigger an idea to try with another medium.

 I often spend the warm months working with pastels and when I was at TU, I would do ceramics. Even with those mediums I would sweat my buttock off  As an artist, it is interesting how different factors can effect one work. My best days of working are when it is raining, or snowy.

Modes of Tranportation

People often ask why I do not try to get an accessible van so I can travel with my electric chair?  I really see it as more trouble then a convenience, because I am so used to my friends just throwing my chair in their car and just going. When Wifey  and I do go places with my power chair, I feel disconnected from her since we cannot walk at the same speed. I think it comes down to person preference. There was only once when we were out and I said it would be nice to have my power chair. That was at the Maryland Renaissance Festival because the  Terrain sucks.