Tuesday, December 30, 2014

To My Supports,

 The end of the year is coming soon and I would to thank everyone who has made an inquiry into a speaking engagement. I am especially grateful to those who have invited me to their schools and organizations.  It may be a spark for others to follow their passion in life, but your positive responses also regenerates me after an appearance.  My recently those travels included a live painting demonstration at a DC Metro Theater, a panel at the United Nations, as well as an trip to China for a international art exhibit.

What should you expect upon an inspirational speaker? With me, there are no prepared scripts instead offering a spontaneous journey of life experiences.  I often find that a cookie cutter outline which most keynote presenter’s use is not as personal.  If your schedule would allow it, I could also provide a drawing demonstration of how my artwork is created.  The silver lining in an engagement focuses on my accomplishments but more importantly I want each viewer to be more inspired by every-day journey.

“King Gimp” was a story that so many could relate to.  It was about finding placement in life with independence, family, friends, education, breaking barriers and molding passions.  True love was in raw form making each viewer understand the parallel within their own life.  The challenges of my disability became a mystery of how I was able to defeat the odds.  “If Dan can…so can I” became one of my most favorite responses.  Truly, I am amazed how a humble hometown man can be ‘the reason’ to such inspiration.  Passion is unveiled being a keynote speaker. My art and live presentations brings thoughts out of my isolation.        

I assure you this experience is worthy of your investment.  Please fellow my adventures at https://www.facebook.com/kinggimpthoughts I look forward to reconnecting…   

Dan Keplinger/King Gimp