Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Commend Thread

So what does disabilities and art have in commend? Right off the bat most people might say they both are hard roads to take in life, but look on the positive side.  Being that I am lucky enough to experience both fields for most of my life, I would say they both have given the gift to solves problems and the ability to see that there is not only one answer.

Everyone might give you their advise about how things should been done, but in the end you adopt the medium or services to best fit your voice/way of life.

This can be seen in artist work, when they find a medium to tell their story, or take a disability service to best help achieve independence.

You might not always reach goodness on your first attempt, but you build on that experience to learn how to improve for the next time.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Studio Forplay

Friday, I went to studio and Wifey come back to pick me up a few hour later and I asked her to give me another hour.  A few hours in the studio is like forplay to my as I am used to studio marathons.

It is not only because of my disability that I like to spend whole days in the studio, but also my thought process. Yes it might take a hour, or so to get my setup to work in my studio, especially if I am starting a new piece because my assistant has to get all of my supplies ready.

When I was doing my MFA, I just took a lot of time sitting and looking out my work. Thinking about the next step of where I could take theme to develop it more. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day of Artists' Patrons

Who says the days of Artists having patrons are over, they just change with the times.  I know i have a big fan and patron in New York. I think at last count he has six pieces of my work and he even lurk on my Facebook pages. I know this from his inquires of me recent post about getting a tablet to view source images as I work on my art.  He emailed to offer me one of his old  Ipads, of course I took it. I would be happy with the offer, even if it is not the newest one.  Now I will be able to view images and listen to music as I work. Although we as artist do not live in a time where patrons do not support us on a daily bases, they still  exist.  THANK YOU

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What is so Special About Being Normal Anyway?

To be honest I forget the last time I wanted to be "normal", but when I was young I did. As I grew older, I realized that this is an idea that is set by the majority that thinks it is better then most people.  Why would one want to be part of a group  that takes aways your personality, your identity? I like standing of from the crowd, how are you going to make a different in this crazy world and leave your mark? Not to say, you should total go against the grain. If you go to for over the line, people will not take you seriously. I forget the last time I used the word "normal" in a conversation, because that world puts limitations on what you can accomplish in life.

A few years ago, I went to a planning meeting for a friend as an advocate and some how the word "normal" started to be use in reference to "normal" behavior on the web. I started to think, here I am in a room with people that spend their life in the disabled community and they were using this word as if this is how it should be and there are no exceptions. I mean what the hell is "normal" in the life of a person with a disability? My goal in life is to be accepted, not to fit into the idea of what somebody calls "normal".

As long as my way of life is safe and healthy, I do not care about what is seen as "normal".  This is only another perception that leads me to the conclusion that being disabled needs to be thought more as a life style. The fact is that no matter what I do, my life will not be "normal". My fight in life is to be accepted for who I am.