Saturday, January 26, 2013

Disability Population In U.S. and The World Pt. 2

The reason why I got the urge to search out the disabilities population information.  It is just frustrating to see one disability getting more attention then others. Maybe Autism is getting the spot light because of the Sandy Hook shooting, but more likely that Jenny McCarthy and her son got a lot of media coverage.  Also that some people think that Autism is cause by vaccination shots and could be preventable. I think that is cool, the more people that talk about Autism bring more awareness  and hopefully that turns into more acceptance of all disabilities.
When comparing Autism to CP, people see Commercials for lawyers to sue doctors. CP was due to a medical mistake so let sue them, because it takes a lot of money to take of someone CP.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Disability Population In U.S. and The World

I have been meaning looking up the break down of the disabled population since Autism is about the only one you really hear people taking about.

Here is one link, but not really want I was looking for: Facts About Disability in the U.S. Population.

When I was reading this one, I got a bit offended. I do realize that they are generalizing, but not everyone that is disabled comes from low educated and from low income areas: World Facts and Statistics on Disabilities and Disability Issues.

When it comes down to it, I think people do not know what they are taking about when keeping tract of the  disabled population. I found it too general and a lot of the language is offensive.  For example,  Jonathan's 40% Rule: Hearing Impairment is like alcohol and drug abuse--there's tremendous denial. Source Maybe for people who are growing older, but I do not think that statement would go over well at Gallaudet U. or in the deaf community.

I think its hysterical that the CDC keeps stats on "Cerebral Palsy Occurrence in the US", maybe this why people still think of CP  as a decease and an illness. Also notes that Autism and Developmental Disabilities are included in these statistics. Is the CDC just counting people with combined disabilities, or just grouping everything together? If the CDC keeps tract of "Cerebral Palsy Occurrence", does this mean we could of a CP apocalypse and take over the world?

So this  makes me wonder how each organization comes up with statistics? I would also like  to ask how the organizations defining a disability and what is a person has multiple disabilities?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Arc Maryland Legislative Update January 18 2013

The Arc Maryland Legislative Update January 18 2013

2014 budget that will affect Marylander’s with developmental disabilities:

Please note that February 19 has been designated DD Day at the Legislative Session. The day will began with a briefing/rally after which participants can process to the Legislative Buildings. There participant will have opportunity to meet with legislators and speak to them about issues affect the disability community
All are welcome to attend the DD Day activities but registration is encouraged. Please check for the DD Day links below or call me if you need assistance.

Sign up and read more details at:  The Arc of Maryland

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bladder Facter

My other idea for a T-shirt would be a list of drinks and how many drinks you could have before you need to make your way to the bathroom. Gimps, how many times do you get to a place and think:
A. How accessible is the bathroom?
B. How clean is the bathroom?

Types:                 Number of Ddrink:
Water                     4
Coffee                    20 OZ.
Bud/Natty Boh       3
Yuengling             4-6
Genius                    5
Wine                       half bottle
And so on.....

I am basing  my numbers on before one breaks there seal.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Thoughts 2013

I have said this often to Wifey, when the LGBT community gain marriage equality it will also be a sept forward for the disabled community too. When Disabled people want to celebrate their love legally a lot of their right are taken away.
For those that support marriage equality for ALL feel free to wear our MARRIAGE EQUALITY for ALL pic on your profile!!

The LGBT & disability communities face many of the same discrimination issues and we could (and should) work together to help ease discrimination from everywhere, together! There is strength in numbers! via Marriage Equality for People with Disabilities

Posted 3/30/13

Introducing Lady Gaga's 24-Karat Wheelchair via Thedailybeast.
This is Retro looking, if I was going for retro looking chair I would do the style with the big wheels on the front.  I always had the idea of the cover over the head and some how it could be taken off to double as a ramp for side walks.

 Wifey is in the process of shopping for a new purse, she wants to have me to go with her. This is in order to see how purse will hang on the back of my chair. We both agree that a back pack type of strap would fit the best.

I have the best Dr. ever, I just have email her and she'll replies in hrs. Even on her black berry from a con. Now not only the flue A and B is here, but also there is an upper respiratory virus  going around. It can last 7 to 10  days, fun!!!!
Posted 1/31/13

The say goes: Keep calm and carry on. My would be: Keep calm and kick ass!
 Posted 1/24/13

Even at the age of 33, I was still getting patted on the head when I would go the bars. I wanted to print a shirt that read: If a guy pats my head, you pay my and my friends’ tab.  If a woman pats my on my head, you show me your boobies.
Poasted 1/18/13

This is an example of how far back the issue of gun control goes back in my life. Peter, my  friend in the film and I would be sitting around our desks at Ridge School. Asking why hunters would need a gun with 50 bullets at once?  My family is full of hunters and gun collectors, but I am more familiar with a bad gun episode than a good one.
Posted 1/16/13

I always said being an artist is a life style, so is being a presenter too. My Doc has a first year med student observing her. So he joined in on my appointment, but he came in while I was getting ears plunged out.  So there I was draped in those blue towel things with wax junk flowing out of ears.  Luckily after I was done getting work on, my Doc gave us a few minutes to chat. 
Posted 1/15/12

Most people take robes and towels from hotel. I wonder if a gimp ever took grab bars? To gimps they more valuable then the other things.
Posted 1/14/13

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It was a quick, but good trip to the Project A.C.T. in Westover MD.

The ride was nice and relaxing and the gig went well.  It was like I had three audiences in one, not only was I talking to families but also members of the school system. I think I was able to shape my presentation to benefit all because I was receiving positive feedback afterwards.  Once again Wifey said, she learned something now about me.  She is just waiting for the  time I spill the beans about the women before her.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting read to speak at Somerset County Project A.C.T. on Saturday

Although my speaking engagements are off the cuff, I still need to keep in mind what parts of my life would relatable the audience to best benefit them.  This time the audience will mostly be school age children and their families.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Trying to figure out a plan for my 40th.

1. A couple days together, alone in pigeon forge. That would be good, but 2 days of travel VS snuggling by a fire in a cabin.

2. A cruse, but our drink bill would be outrageuos since liquor is not included in the trip price now. Would we have to drink a blue, green liquor since it would be in a mouth wash bottle?

3. Wifey was watching honey boo boo, I was thinking we could have a white trash/red neck weekend and do blog with pix about it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The King Gimp Documentary Series (Repackage)

The short documentary King Gimp follows the life of Dan Keplinger from age 13 until his graduation from college. This award-winning film documents the struggle of an individual with cerebral palsy entering the mainstream as well as the birth of an artist.

King Gimp began when University of Maryland film producers Susan Hadary and William Whiteford began filming for Beginning with Bong, an educational documentary video on the lives of six children of different ages and disabilities attending mainstream schools. Among them was Bong Delrosario, who later starred in the HBO Special Bong & Donnell, and a young spirited "Danny" Keplinger.

The film King Gimp documents Dan's joys and frustrations including the freedom granted by his first power wheelchair, his rebellion against using a computer-generated voice, his everyday strides for independence, and his most life altering discovery--art.

"Exhilarating but far from embarrassing…"-- New York Times

In 2000, King Gimp won the prestigious Oscar Award® for best short documentary from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. At the Oscar Awards event, Dan Keplinger was so excited he leapt from his wheelchair. "Most people thought I was having a seizure, but I was only jumping for joy," Dan later explained to reporters.

"Don’t wake up Dan Keplinger, because he’s not dreaming..."
-- USA Today

King Gimp has been broadcast on HBO and has received many other high profile awards and recognitions including a Peabody Award, National EMMY Nomination and The New York Festivals Media Disability Awareness Award.

This film is often used by schools, universities and disability organizations as an educational tool to teach disability awareness and inclusion. King Gimp is exclusively distributed by Video Press, as well as two follow-up programs: The King's Miracle and The King of Arts. (A school version of King Gimp is also available with adult-rated language removed.)

King Gimp: For Students
Order# PERCH1001

Special director's cut of King Gimp with adult-rated language removed and additional therapy footage. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired. Coming Soon 
$150 purchase Visit: Video Press
Call to Order: 1-800-328-7450

King Gimp: Long Live the King
Order# PERCH1020
Two programs in ONE!

The King's Miracle: From the moment King Gimp wins an Oscar®, the miracle starts Dan on a new journey.

The King of Arts: Explore the richness of a virtual gallery of Dan’s paintings and hear his commentary on being a professional artist.
$50 purchase
Visit: Video Press
Call to Order: 1-800-328-7450

People across the country have been inspired by Dan’s Success. Through his speaking engagements, audiences learn how the world as we know it has inherent obstacles that can be overachieved with perseverance, patience, determination and a winning, fighting spirit.

Screen the movie King Gimp and participate in an interactive question and answer ceremony about the movie, Dan’s personal life, and Dan’s career as a successful fine artist.  For farther information on Dan's speaking engagements, please click here.