Monday, June 21, 2010

My Plea For A Father Day Do Over

Last week I started to have a boil; it did not hurt just a lot of pressure. The redness and hardness went across the top of my thigh. But there was a head.
On Saturday Dena and Brooke were playing DR.
Brooke says it is a spider bite like I had. Go to Patient first, they will num it and then work on it.
Later that day Dena tried to pop it. Mostly blood was coming out.
So Sunday (Father’s Day) we went Patient First, they Dr. said it might be an ingrown hair and even though there is a head to it. It is not ready to pop and the hardness is from blood gathering. To prove this he stuck a needle in it and only got blood. But the Dr. did not do this quickly. So I am on antibiotics until Wednesday and maybe then it will be ready to pop.
Afterwards we went on our way and had a picnic at Loch Raven, as we arrived we get into a heated conversation that really had no beginning, end or could really get upset at each other for.
Later when got home Brooke and Dena called dad, this only compounded her fears over my boil. Since dad felt that he had to share his boil stories.
After all of this I did get a happy ending…

As we were leaving the place, Dena said she could not handle the size of the needle. I’M THE ONE WHO FLIPPING FELT IT!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Evolving Too Fast?

The other day Dena and I went to a local hotel for breakfast, just because. It was very crowded and the only seat we could find was right in the middle of the place. Some of you may know how hard it is to get around dinning room tables that are full. So Dena goes up to the buffet.
The next thing I know is here comes a guy on a segway, I’m thinking no way. Then I notice a pony stick attach to the handlebars. So I started thinking, maybe he is disabled. The only table open is in the back of the dinning area. As the guy is making his way to table the staff ask if he could park the segway.
By this time Dena is back at our table and Dena could tell I’m getting itchy and they are in our direct sight. I see a disable sign under the seat of the segway. Dena does not, so I am the only one realize that this like a wheel chair to him.
I have more questions then answers, is there a new trend for using segways for the disabled? This is the second I have seen being use as a wheel chair. If so, should the disability sign be more visible, but does that but a label on the person? How can people be more educated with new trends for the disable?
The same goes when people find out I can use text on a cell phone.