Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Very Bi-Pallor Day

Sunday was 9/11, but it was also the Ravens season opener.
Michael, Wifey and I took Fizz Caps tailgating, of course we got a later start then we wanted. The whole day turned out to be a day of timing.

By the time we were turning off of 83 in Baltimore it was 9:02, if we were not stopped the light. We would not have heard the bell chiming all around the city.  If was fitting that the day started out with over cast skies to make you reflect on the events of tens years ago.

Last year when we took Fizz Caps tailgating we kept going to the same lot, it was out of the way. So we decided to drive around and check out other parking options. Although, it was exciting seeing the sea of purple you still reflect on what this day is really about, coming together as a nation.  We were drive down one street and see a lot of people waving for parking spaces.

We find the perfect spot between two houses, paid $30 for the space and $10 to set up our tent.  As soon as we popped our tent, another guy comes saying this is his space and will have all these cars towed.  The first guy we paid was a squatter, so after working things out with the owner. We could stay, but would have paid another $40. Talk about a pre-game!

The wife of the couple that ran the parking across the street notice our situation and said they still had spaces and could setup our booth.  They both knew who we were, the husband works for Social Sec. as a photographer and heard wifey and I speak at a luncheon and shared our store with his wife. Thanks Raven Roost 50  for letting us crash your party and the lot was really rocking.

Even through we were not close to the stadium, we were in the path of the jet fly over.  I had the chill and goose bumps at the same time, if possible?

As we hit 695 on the way to Michael’s, we rode with a group of bikers, riding for 9/11. As we drove close to the Dulaney Valley Bridge, there was a flag hanging from two fire trunks.  The tears just began to flow.