Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marriage Equality For People With Disabilities

I know there are tons of groups to #advocate for PWD as individual, but who advocates when one, or both of a #disability and wants to be married and live  as a couple.  I just received an email asking if I knew where a couple could find #accessible #housing?  I think if there is anything out, it will be very limiting, or exspensive since most of it is geared toward individuals.

If there is separation of church and state, why are religious people so against #marriageequality? To me #marriageequality is about legal rights and benefits, so far nobody is asking God to re-write the Bible.

via Marriage Equality for People with Disabilities Some people who don't get the issue have complained about us calling this a fight for marriage equality! Equality is about equal access and any institution that discourages any legal, consensual couple from marrying for any reason is not an institution of equality. Until people with disabilities are not penalized for marrying we will continue our fight for equal access to marriage!

"My mother battled Multiple Sclerosis from the time I was 3 years old to her death 17 years later. Near the end of her struggle, I saw the drastic steps my family had to go through, even with my father's excellent healthcare plan, to get her the medical assistance she needed. A family should not be forced to destitute themselves, sell assets, even contemplate divorce, just to get the care they need. I am proud to sign this petition. I know the solution will not be easy, but policies that tear families apart in their desperate attempt to stay together can not be allowed to continue." - Chris W. Gooley

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Computers Can Be A Bitch of A Mistress

I woke up yesterday ready for a full day of creativity on my video project. Wifey even made me a nice cup of coffee made with love.

To see how my project was coming along, I exported it as a quick time movie. I did notice it was a huge file compare to the previous exports, but this one had more layer and was longer.  So I opened they file and it was dragging and skipping so bad. I try to export it many more times and it was not any better. I even looked up what are the green and blue bars in After Effects, they have to do with RAM to preview/render your video. I started to flip out and getting frustrated that I do not have enough RAM, BUT I HAVE 9 GIGS!!!!

For fours hours, I was changing the RAM settings and it was not helping. So after dinner and snuggling Wifey for a while. I decided to give it another attempt to find the real problem with a free solution. In my search I typed export After Effects drags and whala I found what I was looking for at 11:06pm. The issue was my output settings were set wrong. After watching a clip, it ONLY took 2 clicks to fix the problem!

Do not even get me started about how many papers I lost during my first two years at TU. That was when my laptop double as  a communication device “attached” to a try on my chair. I will be rolling across campus and it will fall off crashing to the ground.