Monday, April 29, 2013

I Still Love The Smell of Clbolt Blue in The Mornings, But...

I did this at the end the my MFA work. I was thinking what choices we make and the obstacles comes with each choice. As I use pieces of imagery from my art work to create my videos, I will be posting the whole art piece for you to enjoy. I did show Prof. Stein from King Gimp the video/animation that I have been creating that is still a work in progress and he was very interested.  In fact, he might have me go to TU next Fall to play in their new computer lab to see what direction I could take with film.  Although, the computer stuff is interesting and easier on my body, it can never replace working on the surface of the canvas. The idea of me working in film, is to still have the marks that I make. When I do start using a new medium, I think of as a new accent for my art vocabulary and how it relates to my body of work

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trust Worthily, Brave, Loyalty…

I feel as if disabled people need to develop a sixth sense, because we need to trust people so much.  There has been cases where PCA have stole disabled people income, but it would be so simple for a “friend”, or “PCA” to take one’s identity.

Trust and being able to read people needs to developed at an early age. I know what I am saying goes against parents’ and families’ instinct to protect their disabled child, at the same time they need to be prepared for the real world. When I was in high school Mrs. G., my assistant, said I do not have much privacy since I always asked her to go into my wallet.

There might be a connection between being able to capture people’s emotions in paintings and knowing how to trust people. Over the years, I have given myself credit that I could count my best friends’ one my hands. Those friends are also my networks of support, I can look towards these people to help me with any problem but in return they know things about my life that most people only share with their partner’s.

What I am saying this sixth sense to read people is really a gift. Not only from a money viewpoint, but more importantly for one’s emotional being and this talent of trusting needs to start early in life.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Talk About Double Whammy

Some how in our last move, I lost my painting head-stick. This was a double lost, because not only the head-stick was custom made, but also the brush holder on the goes on top too.  They each were design by difference places. My head-sticks have been made by an OT at Kennedy Krieger since forever. Up until 2004, when I wanted to use a different brush I had to wait for someone to change it for me. They had to un-tape one brush and re-tape another brush to the stick.

Then I was introduced to the wonderful people at VME, now V-LINC who volunteer their time to design equipment to make life a bit easier for the disabled. I knew it would be sample to get a new head-stick base from KKI. In fact, they can use the measurements for my lost visit and mail a new base to me.

When I contact V-LINK to get a new brush holder, this would be more challenging. It has been 9 years since the piece was designed and the person that I worked with move out of town.  They could not find my file; it was looking like the design process was going to start from scratch.

Some times it does pay to save years and years of emails, because I was able to find the designers email but it did not work. Being that we live in this wonderful world of social networks, I found him on Facebook.  He offered to call V-LINC and fill them in on the design on the holder. The ball is rolling down for a strike and is not going into the gutter.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

There Are Many Ways To Start Movements

Here is gimp history for you. Check out "The Power of 504 (open caption, english)" by @DREDF

I don't think I'm much of a protester myself, although I might get caught up in that mentality at that time. Over the years I have been lucky enough  to have a voice that people have been willing to listen to. Even before the whole "king gimp" thing, I had a way to write letters that really got people's attention even if the reaction was not to benefit.  At least I was able to get people to start thinking and that is the first step to changing what people value.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Doing It Differently Panel Discussion

RT@Edgar_Allan_Poe Without art there is no humanity. How fitting that this quote would appear in my twitter feed today after last night.
I had the pleasure to be part of a panel discussion about about the accessibility and inclusion of art in schools and museums. This panel was Moderated by Marcus Civin from MICA, I really enjoyed how he guided the event into more of  a conversation and let the audience be involve through the event.  To me this type of format is only beneficial for all.

Baltimore Adapted Recreation and Sports (BARS) CALL FOR ACTION

Although it has been years since Wifey and I have been to a BARS event, I still think it is a great organization.  Just being able to experience a sport that other people take for granted opens a whole new world to the disabled community, and recharge their spirit.

Baltimore Adapted Recreation and Sports (BARS)
Call for Action! We would like your help to separate Complex Rehab Equipment from the competitive bidding process being implemented by Medicare. Competitive bidding would restrict the equipment you can receive to the cheapest option, not always what you need.
Sign the Petition supporting the separate benefit category.
Step 2
Learn more at

via Baltimore Adapted Recreation and Sports (BARS)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Rude to Blow Bubbles?

Do you remember as kid when you would blow bubbles in your drinks? People would just say that is not good manners, or just rude. It seems like you were more temped to blow bubbles in milk, because that worked the best and could even over flow the glass. In today’s world of ice coffee what is a gimp suppose to do?

As the ice melts, three different layers start to develop. You have the cream layer, the coffee layer and the water layer of course these layers are not good to drink separately. Some people may shake, or swirl their cups to keep everything mix. Then other people may use their straw to swirl the drink.  Even gimps like Josh Blue have a built in blender? I only can blow bubbles, I try to do it discreetly, but other time I just need my coffee man!