Thursday, December 20, 2012

Newtown Massacre Was Not Cause By Shooter's Aspergers

RT @Marianne_Russo: Reports that Adam Lanza Newtown shooter had sensory processing disorder creating a frenzy of misinformation (cont)
Posted 2/19/13

RT @DisabilityMap: Those with Asperger's have started now-large online communities.
Posted 1/3/13

RT @Marianne_Russo: First of its kind DNA testing to be done on Sandy Hook shooter.  I'm all for research but it will remove the (cont). Why Wouldn't this lead to a type of profiling and what would they do with the people that do have "Killer" DNA?
Poasted 12/27/12

RT @HuffingtonPost: 10-year-old sister of shooting victim writes Obama a letter about gun control
Posted 12/22/12

: Please watch & tweet short film for awareness!  

 National Council on Disability's Letter to the President after Newtown Tragedy

"Josephine loved the color purple. Born in Maryland, she grew up in a family of Ravens fans and developed an affinity for all things purple. She rarely left the house without wearing something purple..."
Still praying and shedding tears for all the victims, family and friends. This, I believe, hits everyone's heart no matter where we are from.

 *thank you Lisa Waters 
Family of Josephine Gay Releases Statement

Does Asperger's effect one's DNA, or Geins? I just heard that they are going study the DNA of the Newtown Shooter. The are going the study the DNA to see if they can identify the Geins of his mental illness that makes people do this horrible acts. Would it be a start to another type of profiling and what would they do with people that have the potential to be violent? 
Posted 12/20/12

My Life With Asperger's How to live a high-functioning life with Asperger's. by John Elder Robison

RT @LoveThatMax: Too true. RT @hollyrpeete "It’s really hard to unscare people" CT coverage creates dangerous stereotypes of autism.

A request from a cyber friend:

The Parents Like Us Club is a collaborative blog for parents of children and adolescents diagnosed with mental illnesses.
We are working on meeting with Senator Dick Durbin and other senators in Washington DC sometime early in the new year, to bring them our children's stories because mental health care and educational support need to be front and center in whatever plans President Obama has in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut.
Email us at if you'd like to share your story, contact your senator, come to Washington, or any of the above.

Chrisa Hickey
Posted 11/18/12
I do not keep re-posting these links to be an alarmist, but as resource to educate one's self. More importantly others that are not familiar with disability culture. I do not mean to seem as I have no sympathy for the families, I have cried many times over the weekend.  What happen last week will effect generations. Not only there will be un-opened presents under the Christmas tree, but this could end marriages and families.
Sandy Hook Shooting: I Am Adam Lanza's Mother - @Gawker
RT @JJsList: Connecticut school shooting thrusts autism into national spotlight. Read full article at:
Posted 11/17/12

This is an interesting article, I remember when I was at Ridge I would get frustrated and had now way to express, or release it.  Sometime it would get to the point that they would take to the PT room and let me beat the shit out of a bean bag chair. Who knows if that was wrong, or right?
RT @ESE_Educator: Experts: No link between Asperger's, violence
 RT @GabriellaBurman: “@ejwillingham: My post, now @Slate: Whatever motivated Adam Lanza, it wasn’t #Aspergers  via @doublexmag” #disability
RT @GreggBeratan: Don't Stigmatize Asperger's Syndrome in Wake of Newtown Massacre.
Posted 12/16/12

Why are they wasting time taking the same sex marriage act to the Supreme court? People voted and it will be a law now, same sex marriage will not kill people, or be the end of society.  The bigger issue is the innocent people that keep getting killed by guns. At least 27, including 18 children, dead in Connecticut school shooting: report
Posted 11/14/12

Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Christmas trees $29.99 & up"

This is how I used to get my trees for under $10. when I was a "lonely man".  I would go to the pre-cut tree lot and look for my "Charlie Brown tree", to me they are the best.  First of all most people do not want them, so you get these trees for a good price.  Then when you get it home you put more time and care into the decorating to make it look good.
The other way to get a good price on a tree is to get it a day, or two before Christmas and do not go for the best three on the lot.  The magic happen when you get it home.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting back in The Studio

My friends at Make Studio met with an artist last week who is interested in becoming a studio artist with us, as he is beginning to emerge from a prolonged illness and would like to work in a supported studio environment. He is currently in a power chair, but hopes to be returning to canes before too long. He has an MFA and is an oil painter and a printmaker. It seems his participation in the studio will need to be entirely grant funded or funded through a scholarship.

My questions are:
Would this be something that DORS/DVR would fund, since he trying to get a career back?

Would he be more successful, if he applied for artist grants?

What other type of grants could he apply for?


Informational Links:
 Organizations that Assist Artists with Disabilities 
Grants for Artists With Disabilities
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation supports multiple funding programs. For the sake of organization, those programs are broken down into four program areas:

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dirty Hippie VS. Mind Jedi

Breezy days are good, it blows the back door to. It is hard to pull a door close and control an electric chair with one good hand. Sometimes I put the dog leach on the door knob to pull the door shut, but it is a round knob and the leach slips off. So with a breeze, the door blows to and I can pull it close once Zarah and I are inside.  This is way I'm a dirty hippie VS. a mind Jedi.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Would Not Even Make My First 100 Days

As I was watching the NFD, I was thinking about how often I have been asked: "why don't you run for office"?  Wifey has even brought up the idea of political life for us.  The biggest problem is that I am an artist and ask to many questions.  I would rather be one of those guys that works on the out side. I am a democrat, but every time I do a post about voting, I do not say how people should vote. i just want people to vote, no one person or party is going to have perfect answer.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Taxes Brought Down Al Capone, FCC Brings Down King Gimp

I had to get a new online relay account, it asked me to certify that I am deaf. So does that mean only deaf people are allow to use a relay service?  Now the FCC is going to come after my ass!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Some Thoughts 2012

"Banning Tom Kiefaber for his post and locking James RVincent O Neal " This is totally FUCKING BULL SHIT!!!! Nobody should be banned from FaceBook unless he is doing harm to someone, how can he be banned for expressing his ideas and feelings. If this is the case I might be the next to be banned, because I make a lot noise on here myself. If you do like someone's post, just don't read it!! Better yet block from your feed, I believe in self censorship!!!
I do not know all of the details that went on between Tom Kiefaber and Baltimore City.  I do know at the end the actions of the City were disgusting and shameful.  They just ripped the soul out of Tom and the Senator, so I cannot and will not go back to building!
Posted 11/31/12
If you think about snow is the closest thing to simulating a disability, because anybody can end up on their ass. This might be sadistic, when we would go to school late due to ice. On the bus I would laugh at people as they fall walked to their cars and bus stops.
Posted 11/29/12

Dan 1 : Zarah 1
Zarah and I were upstairs looking out the window into space and she must had heard Brooke moving around in her room. So Zarah barked and my hand flew up popping myself in the lip.  I gave myself a nice little bloody fat lip!!

Damn C.P. grip, Zarah was giving me some love on my hands. She happened to be licking the wrong hand when it decided to close around her tongue, talk about a high pitch yelp.  She walked away not to look at me, but we are over it now.
Posted 12/22/12

RT @EasyStand: Choosing good (and bad) PCAs @TiffCarlson. I always thought that disable people need to develop a sixth sense when it comes to trusting people, especially when it comes to PCAs. They are trusted with every aspect of one's life from banking to being intimate. In my case this skill was developed at an early age and has fine tuned. Maybe that is why I can paint portraits so well, but I tell when other gimps do not have this skill to read people. I really get scared for them, because the wrong PCA could really take advanage of this.
Posted 12/19/12

RT @DisInsight: Disability Insight: Caregiver "Scholarship". I think this is a good idea. Instead of it being for a spouse to go re-charge in a hotel, the "Scholarship" would be better for parents of a disabled child and a sitter the child. I do not think Wifey would want to go relax at an hotel and leave me at home.  We would rather be romantic at the hotel, that type of a recharge every couple needs.
Posted 12/19/12

Survey Says!!!
I am sure that I'm amongst the money who got a notice that I got a "raise" in my SSI. Happy, happy, happy, that was short lived.  Wifey and I went to the market and realized why I got an increased.  The food prices also went up, I recog that is why it is call a living wage adjustment!!!  

Posted 12/11/12

The new laundry detergent pods are great for the disabled. I wonder how much of a CP grip it would take to pop one of the pods. CP grip: when one cannot let go of an item and the more we try to let go, the tighter the grip gets.
Posted 12/10/12

When things/places are not accessible, I end up braking shit!!! :(:):(:)!!!!! Just ask Jennifer Toroni-Rodgers and Dale, I knock their clock of the wall a crack it.  They made it into a positive by putting a note the King was here.
 Posted 11/29/12

So we have mice problem and we but out those sticky traps since we are dirty hippies. This morning I am in the bathroom disrobing and my toe get caught in the trap, it was really like the cartoon.  I shook my foot, it got stuck on top of foot. I tried to kick it off with my other foot, the trap went to that foot. I finally use the toilet to pull it off. When Wifey came up the trap was stuck to the toilet and I had all over my feet.  Wifey had to clean my feet with nail polish remover. 
Posted 11/26/12

Wow, 1st time for everything! A gimp get called on the Price is Right and he got on stage via ramp. Though the ushers kept trying to push him, when he could push his self. If you find your self in this situation, it never hurts to ask.
Posted 11/26/12
Wifey think @JoshBlueComedy walks and I crawl like Mr. Snuffleupagus. Next time Josh and I get together, we might need to make a video of that.
Posted 10/5/12

When violators in gimp parking spaces for 2 mins. I want to ask, if I could kiss them for 2 mins.
Posted 10/5/12

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It has been a tough week, we had to put Camden down ;( Then I lost Internet and my phone, but that is nothing compared to a good friend. Here is the last video of Zarah, Camden, and me playing at our new place until Grandpa Camden wanted quiet time. Camden was a faithful friend right to the end, even thou he loved to play chase when he escaped. Yes, Camden escaped at our new place. As soon as Wifey drove of in the car after him, Camden came walking back up the ramp. As if to say here I am come and get me. We are also recovering from the pasting of Missy J./Miss Julia on 9/5/12. She was my Wifey’s best friend, more then her client. I can honestly say they have been up and down the east coast together. Here is my favorite image of Missy J. during a car trip to GA. We had been in the care for at least 14 hours and she decided it was has bedtime right there…

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Get It Off, Get It Off, Get It Off!!!!!!

I was letting Zarah sit outside, she was all relax and something big started to fly all around her. Zarah was like that video of the reporter when the fly flew in his mouth. Even after she ran inside, she kept looking side to side like is it still on me?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Exception To Ever Rule

As most of you know my Wifey helps out Miss Julia, who is 100 and ½ years old.  To me she is trapped in her own home and to make it worse the HOA is not will to make any exceptions for her.  To me there are a few issues.

The biggest problem is that drive my Wifey crazy is that they want a 100 year old to parking in the visitor parking and walk 10 minutes to what they call an “accessible” entrance. The HOA does not want any care providers to park in the residence parking, but there is a whole section of parking for trade person and it is never full.

If Wifey does not want to walk all that way with Missy J. the HOA said drop her off at the door then go park in the visitor section, in the front of the building, while Missy J. sits around back unattended waiting for Wifey.  In addition they would always have to be home by 7, since the lot is locked at night.  When they do come home late the doorman and front desk has to open the gate and door to Mrs. Julia’s own building.

The HOA will not give Missy J. a key, remote, or parking space because she has no ID.  Come on knuckleheads, she is 100 and that should be a given.  If she is paying her bills and fees, she has the same rights as everyone else in the building.

In my own observation, none of the three building’s entrances are accessible.  If you go in the front door the lobby is sunken. Yes they do have a ramp outside down to the lobby, but there are about four steps up to the elevators.  Once you get over the parking issues, there are two doors in the back of the building with ramps. No way they are up to code and most of the residents are elderly.

7 Slade was built in 1971, and it’s posted as private property.  Another thing neither of the parking sections have any gimp spaces; I do not know what rights of Miss Julia’s are being broken.  Once again its frustrating that people choice guidelines over being human.

Maybe we could start a partition to get a gate clicker and a parking space, which would be a start!

I Will See Your Ridiculousness and Raise You...

If some people want to past a law stating who can marry who, then I want to past a law. That says all negative campaign ads need to be done in the format of a SNL REALLY?!?!?! segment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How the Artist Who Built the ‘Chuck Close Filter’ Got Slammed by Chuck Close

(Blake on Top & Close on bottom)

I feel no matter how far you take a computer in the direction of art, it will never be like the really thing.  Blake might have been better off by working with Close to see if this was a direction Close wanted to work in.  I do not see it as a copy right issue, I am coming from an artistic purest view.  if Blake did this as an artist, it does not make the work his.  Blake's own voice is not in the work and for the rest of time he would be compared to Chuck Close.

I am sure, I would by a bit peed if a computer could copy my style and texture  of painting because that is what makes mine.  A  computer piece is not going to have the charm of clumps of paint falling off as it has on the wall. When I took digital art classes, my professors would say use at least a few filter, so people can't tell what ones you used. I guest if society wants all women to look the same why not art?

The Article

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Great Flocking Floor Hon!

Our new stenciled floors!!! That is killing Wifey's knees-but I think it will be all worth it!  This is a bit busy for me; I often say if Wifey is happy, I am...  When Wifey said, she wanted to name the store Flock. I think I spent an half hour thinking of the things that flock, or flocking could substitute for. At least it is rememberable, I am sure my PR and Advertising Professors are switching a bit.

It is not so bad compare to Hot Grill on Grill Action the on BBQ Pitmasters!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please Help My fellow Artist & Gimp

Thank you everyone for supporting me and my artwork and all my art forms! I am doing a fundraiser to raise money for a new accessible van. My van is 17 years old now and it is my only way to get out and about. My chair is pretty awesome but too big to throw in the backseat and go out. For the first time ever, I'm offering a personal portrait painted by me. This is the first fundraiser of many. All you have to do is go online or see me in person and buy as many tickets as you can and help me sell as many as you can. I have 600 tickets to sell for a painting valued at $600 or more. Please help me out and you could win your very own personal portrait. Tickets are $1. You can view my previous artwork on my website or on my facebook artwork page. You can purchase them through my paypal account and the links below.
Thank you all very much!


PS: I hope to be selling them at Artworks Tattoo too and the winner will be announced as soon as I sell all 600 raffle tickets or August 30th. Don't wait to buy them! First come first served.

Please share this with your friends!

Is This Your Surprise?


When Brooks started to work on Phrase II of our new place, he said: he had a surprise for me.  I think, I discovered what it was when I went there last weekend. When I was scoping out what was done since I last visit the property, I notice that all of the light switches are in the process of being replaced with rocker switches?!! THANKS

I always wanted to do this, but saw it more of luxury compare to other things when it came to making a house accessible.  I have another toy that we could use for the ceiling fans. It is a remote light/dimmer switch.

 Parson’s Auction CO.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stereotypes Make people feel safe

This was inspired by an email I receive on Facebook. The person had a pen pal as a child with another child from Africa. Her image of her friend was the type you would see on an UNICEF commercial.  Then as she got older she fund out the things they had in common.

As she was caring her daughter, the Doctor made her aware that her child would be disabled. So she prepared for the worse, but after the birth she found a new way of life and even bettered her marriage.

People often look at Wifey as Mother Teresa for wanting to spend her life taking care of me.  They do not realize our marriage is a partner ship; we take care of each other.  We just have a different way of life and most people will never be able to comprehend that.

I do not mean to sound PC, I do not like when those lawyer commercial say birth mistake. Like shit my child is going to fail from birth, or the baby coming out of womb saying fuck me.  A disabled does mean a failed life, although periods of life are hell. 

Life with a disability just means more challenges and adventures. In fact it gives you permission to go off the path!  Yeah man, we are taking easy rider shit.

I think people need to but stereotypes for everything so they feel safe, that way they think they know everything and have nothing to fear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3rd Annual Disabilities Awareness Experience

When: Sunday, June 24, 2012 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: Downtown Silver Spring at 916 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD
For more information: Shannon Minnick
Ms. Wheelchair MD 2010
Ms. Wheelchair MD Events Coordinator

Uniting communities and organizations for the purpose of raising awareness, and support meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in every aspect of life. The Disabilities Awareness Experience will bring awareness and education to all individuals regarding disability resources, prevention and education, healthy and independent living, and recreational resources on programs on disability awareness in the community. Also, entertaining us will be an alive BAND and DJ.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Direction

I often get asked if I would ever teach art, I do not see myself in a former educator role.  It would be more like team teaching if I went into a classroom setting.  First because I would need an assistant for myself and that same person would most likely do the demos.  Secondly I do not feel like I know enough of the fundamentals of art to teach.
On the other hand in my later years at Towson U. my Professors would asked my to come lecture to their classes about my ideas on art.  What does art mean, people like to joke and say how easy it is to create art?  In reality being artist is hard as ass, what do you have to say and what medium do you use to say it.
My professors would also stop me as I rolled down the halls and pulled me into a crit.  This all makes me think about what it means to teach art.  Is it hands on showing people how to mix colors and what method to use to get the desire effect, or is it the exchange of ideals to push to the next level?
My approach to art is the second part of that question. I would like to know if anyone would be interested in taking art “lesson” from me? This could be done in person, or over the computer since we would be have discussion about your art. This might also get my own create juices flowing and maybe bring in a little $$$. I would not be able teach from the fundamentals approach, but I would be able to show you how to make your own language from art!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On To The Next Phrase

We are moving onto phrase two of the building project for our new place. Now that the property is accessible, We are fixing up our show rooms and living space.

For the show rooms we are painting the walls and floors. My nephew Zack just had to paint the walls, but the floors are a different story and I even participated in this process. Our friends the Greco helped us take up the carpet and padding. There were so many staples in the floor, that I crapped and screwdriver and started popping staples. I was just using a screwdriver, where as the Grecos also used pliers to pull their staples.

As some of you know we have been going to Parson’s Auction CO., it is a family run business and come to find out they used to run their construction CO. This week Brooks a Brian have been preparing the wood floors to be painted. I have been at the new place since Sunday sanding the edges of the floors. Tomorrow we are starting to prime and put the base color on the floors. Wifey just ordered a stencil to put on the floors.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I New It Was European

I saw this trailer on TV and it did not have any talking, I was thinking wow Wifey and I need to go see this. Even thou our lives are in the mist of chaos, it would be a nice escape for a couple hours.

I kept thinking about the movie and realized it had to be European. It seems to progressive to come out in the mainstream movie releases.  In addition, the Oscar race is still several months away.

I was hoping it was American made, I do not mean to be cocky maybe my documentary hit a cord with some filmmakers. In that they broke through the well, see Josh this why we need to start a CP compound. 

Then I looked up The Intouchables and my thoughts were proven right.

Fizz Caps Rallies For Hon Fest 2012

Although we are busy with construction for our new home and store in Parkville. Please stop by the Shabby Button booth to get your Fizz Caps earrings and bracelets of Mr. and Mrs. Boh. As well along with your Raven and O’s items. Those O’s are doing good this year!!!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Nest Collector

This is the 1979 pickup truck that received a new engine in 2005 and we are in the process of buying for our business. In order that we do not trash our Kia Soul, Lucy.
When we went to look at it, we were not prepared to buy. We fell in love with it so much that it had to be ours. The Owner George saw that we were such a committed couple, he agree to take the payment as installments. We only had $54 on us at the time, but George only took $52 as a down payment so we could share a diet coke on our way home.
Since we started to attend Parson’s Auction Company in Joppatown, we have been beaten the hell out of our soul. I knew since we start to haul our goodies, there had to be a better way.
I used to joke that if I ever over bid myself, I could blamed it on my spastic CP. By now I think Brooks and his father would know the difference, damn it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In This Election Year...

I would like politicians not to say, my opponent is not fit for job/office because bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh.


On my first day in office I will change bluh bluh bluh bluh law. If one person can change a law on the first day of the job, me thinks that would be a dictatorship.

I know, only in my dreams!

Why do not many politician talk more about the disable vote. The only time you hear about the disabled vote is on the local level. Here are some fact on Disability Voters in America according to, Yahoo News and People with Disabilities and Voting.

Here are some important dates for Marylanders'
MD Board of Elections
The deadline for the general election is October 16, 2012.
Absentee Voting  the deadline is Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Your request must be received by 8:00 pm if you mail or deliver the application or 11:59 pm if you fax or email it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Fork In The Road Update (2012 House Projects)

On Friday, I had my yearly IP meeting with UCP and Service Coordination. We were still waiting to hear if I got the funding for the stair lift. I decided just to come and tell them that we are moving, even thou I knew it could but the whole process at risk.  At best they could say I had start the application process all over.  I know at worse they could say since we are moving I would be disqualified from the program.

As it turned out, it would be the worse of the two. Without talking to anyone I would be disqualified from the waiver, because we are moving into a rental property.

When Dena and I got home, I received a letter from Mrs. Martinez stating the funds have been approved from the Community Pathways Waiver.  Dena and I called Mrs. Martinez to make her aware that we are moving to a rental property. She said, they do not give funds unless we own the place, but there is a change that I could still obtain the funds. Mrs. Martinez said, I can submit a letter from my doctor and the property owner before they make a finally decision. That is where I stand at this moment, this week hope to have the two letters to Luan. So she can forward them to Mrs. Martinez.

This is like when I had give up my full ride to UNC for my MFA, because I could not get a care provider paid while living out of state. I have been dealing with red tape since I was 18!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Fork in The Road

As you may be aware of, Wifey helps her friend who is 100 +.  Dena is worry about what she can do for her next job that is why we got into the jewelry business. That is going good, but would be better if we had a store. Dena also loves auctions and thrift/consignment stores. She found a place in Towson/Parkville that could be a store and home.  It would be cheaper then living here. The house/store was built in the 70's, so I'm starting from scratch as far as accessibility.

I have been full of emotions, because we have done a lot to make our current house accessible.  I finally have my perfect shower.  I do feel a bit guilty, because a lot of people help us get the accommodations that have been done.  I do not want to seem ungrateful for their time and effort. I also do not want to seem greedy and assume every time I move, there would be funding to make another place accessible.

On the other hand I do have a limited income and can only contribute so much and the rest is up to Wifey. If we stay in our current place she will not be home, in order to pay for the house. That is not what we want as a couple and would take a toll on any marriage. That is why we are always thinking of businesses that we can start, so we feel as equals.

As Wifey started to describe that the living part is in the basement. She says, the bathroom already has a walk-in shower, but the kind with a door.  My hopes are that this chair will fit into the shower. Also the stairs are narrow and curved. That is downer that the stair lift that has been put in could not work. Could we buy different piece of track for it, if the stair way is not too narrow?  Could another option be to put it out side, would it need to under cover or enclosed in? These are the things going through my mind as Wifey is talking. At the same I am feeling excited, guilt, scared and nervous.

We have already spooked with the owner and he said we could build a ramp outside. Be sides that the owner really would like to make the property ADA friendly even thou it is grandfathered.  So Friday are meeting with Eric from to do an assessment. I already told Eric, the equipment we cannot use I hope he can pass on to other people.

This is just another adventure to keep our lives interesting!

search local office here and call them about ADA tax breaks/loans.  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Questions with A Twist

Questions with A Twist

When I usually receive questions from students most of the time the questions focus on my physical limitations.   This group of O.T. student were coming from a mental health point of view.

Do you feel someone who does not know you or your story overlooks/stereotypes what is genuinely there? What is going on in your head when this happens?

When I am out in public, all of my accomplishments and successes are meaningless. If people are not aware of how I am, they still see my disability first and not me as a person.  They still talk loud and slow as if I am mentally challenged. It depends on the situation, most of the time I just want to get away from situation and go on with my life.  I am thinking they have not been educated and don’t know the wiser.

Then there is the disrespectful situation and I just go into a rage and make a total scene.  When I do this, I may only make them right. But at least they feel my wrath, when I yell nobody can understand me.  I end up biting my tongue, or lip and bleed. I realize that I end up looking like a total mental case in their eyes, but at least they know how I feel about their ignorance.

At Baltimore City's auction of The Senator Theatre on July 22, 2009, the auctioneer mysteriously moved the auction outside with less than 5 minutes notice. Weeks ago, the auctioneer had requested Tom Kiefaber's permission to hold the auction inside, it had been agreed between the auctioneer, the city, and Mr. Kiefaber that the auction would be inside, and it had been advertised as such and reported in the news media as such. Why did the auctioneer suddenly change the venue, creating a lot of confusion in the process?
2.       2.Currently, there has been debate in the special needs community about the concept of "labels" for the primary reason to purposefully address who the person is not what the person is.  For example you would never address a child with autism as an “autistic child”. Even with your success, how do you feel about the label of "cerebral palsy" being attached to you? Do you accept it as part of your identity or do you see yourself or label yourself as "Dan the artist"? 

I think I am the wrong person to ask about the using labels, or being PC.  I mean I call myself gimp, not everyone is thrilled about that. Some people think it is wrong, other people feel like it tribal and strong.

I embrace my CP, I even conceder it as part of my personality.  CP really makes me who I am.  How else do I introduce myself, I’m Dan and I have C.P.  why be a shame of it.  Professionally I’m “Dan the artist”

3.       3.Dan, do you think art keeps you mentally healthy? How? Can you give us some examples please? 

Yes, if you look back at my art over the years you can see the ups and downs in my life by the colors I use and the subject matter I choose.  Art gives everyone the tool the to express the inner self the may scare people, or they do not know how express what they feel with words.  I am sure I express things in my art would worry people if I but said it in words.

4.       4.Dan, we all are interdependent with someone in our lives no matter our backgrounds or abilities. Even as an artist, there is some sense of interdependency through collaboration. In your situation, how important physically and mentally is this concept of "interdependency" and support throughout your daily life?

Without help nobody can be in-depended I might get a little more then most people, but we all are depended on someone.  When people look at my art, they just see the work I do.  The do not think about the assistance that I get in my studio. My help mix the paint, cut the canvas, even put out drink, or gives me a snack to keep me going.  The assistances even stay longer than what they get pay for. To the out sider, it would seem that I am the only one benefiting from this arrangement.  My assistances see how determined I am to do my art and I would like to think they carry that determination over into their own life.

5.       5.Dan, as future occupational therapists our job is to modify tools and the environment in order for individuals to enjoy activities that are meaningful to them. What was going in your mind when you first had the chance to really dive into your passion?  

This is what I want to do with my life.  I did not care that it did not pay much, or if I did not achieved fame until I died.  It was important that I get to express how I feel about my world.  I think if every finds their passion in life, the world, as a whole would benefit.

6.       6.As future OTs', from your experience and condition, what is some advice you could give us in order for us to more efficiently assist individuals physically and mentally with CP?

I hope you don’t think this is cheating, but I wrote this last year and think it relates to this question.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 House Projects

We are working on some new projects for the house. The first one I  might have already mention, a curved staitlift from first to second floor. We are trying to get that funded through the DDA.

Second project has to do with toilet hygiene, of course everyone has a bit of trouble in that area. With the help with our friends at we came up with the solution of the Bide't toilet seat.  Shara is the O.T. that work with Accessible Housing Service, she only put one other seat in for a Client.  She said this seat is popular in Europe, but mostly for the upper class.

The Problem with the Bide't toilet seat is the controls are located on the side of the seat.  if I use the remote, I still would be  in the right position for the seat to work efficiently.  I contacted V-LINC to see if they will help redesign the controls.  They notified me today that they will take on the project.