Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On To The Next Phrase

We are moving onto phrase two of the building project for our new place. Now that the property is accessible, We are fixing up our show rooms and living space.

For the show rooms we are painting the walls and floors. My nephew Zack just had to paint the walls, but the floors are a different story and I even participated in this process. Our friends the Greco helped us take up the carpet and padding. There were so many staples in the floor, that I crapped and screwdriver and started popping staples. I was just using a screwdriver, where as the Grecos also used pliers to pull their staples.

As some of you know we have been going to Parson’s Auction CO., it is a family run business and come to find out they used to run their construction CO. This week Brooks a Brian have been preparing the wood floors to be painted. I have been at the new place since Sunday sanding the edges of the floors. Tomorrow we are starting to prime and put the base color on the floors. Wifey just ordered a stencil to put on the floors.

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