Tuesday, November 26, 2013

R-word VS. Rword

Just watching @AroundTheHorn on ESPN, they were talk about the problem with the name of the DC football team. So a couple people called it the #Rword. I hope people do not start relating the #Rword with the #NFL and really realize how derogatory it really is to the disabled!

I am not saying the disability movement has exclusive rights to the R-word. Even if someone has  the copy right for a word does not mean they own every meaning of that word. Words are the only weapon that truly has an unlimited amount of ammunition. I am saying if the R-word is used for multiple meaning it will become trivialized and is not that why there is a R-word in the first place?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Self-Imposed Exile (2007 Repost)

When I was a SR. in high school DORS got me a laptop to double as a communicator and mounted it onto my chair. I really hate using communicators, they always break down, and when they are on my chair I feel trapped. Plus I can't use them without my head stick, so either I have to get the person to put my head stick on to talk with them, or ride around with the head stick on. The computer survived my last year of high school, but not freshman year of college. In fact I went through three computers that year. They kept falling off my chair, while I fought with DORS to get it fix I had no way to do my work this sucked so hard. This is what I got from being a good gimp and trying to conform to society.

So how the hell do I communicate with society as a whole, l do not!!! When people are around me enough they get used to the way I talk. My friends and family end up being interpreters a lot of times. Even they have trouble understanding me sometimes, when this happen I just spell out the word or think of another way to say it.

What happen in school? The people that dealt with on a regular bases also got used to the way I spoke. I always tried to get the some note takers, because they would also act as my interpreter. In the worse case, when I knew we had to talk in class and no one was used to me, so I did used my computer, but it sat on a safe desk other wise.

What about every day task like banking, shopping. You should know I do not expect everyone to take the time to understand me. When I do my banking I type out what I want and take that paper with me. If I am shopping for a certain item, I type that out to show to the people that works that store. If I am really getting no ware with talking, I do carry around a sheet of paper with some phrase, numbers and the alphabet on it. I use a straw in my month to point, or to spell out the words. I also use communicating by talk as a way to feel people out. Over the years found if people are really interested in getting to know me, they pick up my speech quick. The people that are not cool will not get to understand me.

Posted 7/24/07

Monday, November 18, 2013

8 Things About Me!!

My Wifey asked me to do the list of 8 things people do not know about so here it goes.

1. My life is an open book, not!!! I do keep some stuff to myself.

2. Although I have had tons of female friends, I only had five lovers and only one was a friend before hand and she became my soulmate.

3. My Wifey has the keys to pandora's box and it is up to me to keep replacing that lock, so she has to make new keys.

4. I get more French kisses from Zarrah then I do from Wifey.

5. I really hated reading!

6. If people could really read my mind, they would either slap me or kick my ass and go insane.

7. Even though I spent from the age of 18 month to age 32 years old in school.  I do not miss being in school and have no want to going back as a student.

8.  I love being married, but I still appreciate a good porn.