Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stereotypes Make people feel safe

This was inspired by an email I receive on Facebook. The person had a pen pal as a child with another child from Africa. Her image of her friend was the type you would see on an UNICEF commercial.  Then as she got older she fund out the things they had in common.

As she was caring her daughter, the Doctor made her aware that her child would be disabled. So she prepared for the worse, but after the birth she found a new way of life and even bettered her marriage.

People often look at Wifey as Mother Teresa for wanting to spend her life taking care of me.  They do not realize our marriage is a partner ship; we take care of each other.  We just have a different way of life and most people will never be able to comprehend that.

I do not mean to sound PC, I do not like when those lawyer commercial say birth mistake. Like shit my child is going to fail from birth, or the baby coming out of womb saying fuck me.  A disabled does mean a failed life, although periods of life are hell. 

Life with a disability just means more challenges and adventures. In fact it gives you permission to go off the path!  Yeah man, we are taking easy rider shit.

I think people need to but stereotypes for everything so they feel safe, that way they think they know everything and have nothing to fear.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3rd Annual Disabilities Awareness Experience

When: Sunday, June 24, 2012 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: Downtown Silver Spring at 916 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD
For more information: Shannon Minnick
Ms. Wheelchair MD 2010
Ms. Wheelchair MD Events Coordinator

Uniting communities and organizations for the purpose of raising awareness, and support meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in every aspect of life. The Disabilities Awareness Experience will bring awareness and education to all individuals regarding disability resources, prevention and education, healthy and independent living, and recreational resources on programs on disability awareness in the community. Also, entertaining us will be an alive BAND and DJ.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A New Direction

I often get asked if I would ever teach art, I do not see myself in a former educator role.  It would be more like team teaching if I went into a classroom setting.  First because I would need an assistant for myself and that same person would most likely do the demos.  Secondly I do not feel like I know enough of the fundamentals of art to teach.
On the other hand in my later years at Towson U. my Professors would asked my to come lecture to their classes about my ideas on art.  What does art mean, people like to joke and say how easy it is to create art?  In reality being artist is hard as ass, what do you have to say and what medium do you use to say it.
My professors would also stop me as I rolled down the halls and pulled me into a crit.  This all makes me think about what it means to teach art.  Is it hands on showing people how to mix colors and what method to use to get the desire effect, or is it the exchange of ideals to push to the next level?
My approach to art is the second part of that question. I would like to know if anyone would be interested in taking art “lesson” from me? This could be done in person, or over the computer since we would be have discussion about your art. This might also get my own create juices flowing and maybe bring in a little $$$. I would not be able teach from the fundamentals approach, but I would be able to show you how to make your own language from art!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On To The Next Phrase

We are moving onto phrase two of the building project for our new place. Now that the property is accessible, We are fixing up our show rooms and living space.

For the show rooms we are painting the walls and floors. My nephew Zack just had to paint the walls, but the floors are a different story and I even participated in this process. Our friends the Greco helped us take up the carpet and padding. There were so many staples in the floor, that I crapped and screwdriver and started popping staples. I was just using a screwdriver, where as the Grecos also used pliers to pull their staples.

As some of you know we have been going to Parson’s Auction CO., it is a family run business and come to find out they used to run their construction CO. This week Brooks a Brian have been preparing the wood floors to be painted. I have been at the new place since Sunday sanding the edges of the floors. Tomorrow we are starting to prime and put the base color on the floors. Wifey just ordered a stencil to put on the floors.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I New It Was European

I saw this trailer on TV and it did not have any talking, I was thinking wow Wifey and I need to go see this. Even thou our lives are in the mist of chaos, it would be a nice escape for a couple hours.

I kept thinking about the movie and realized it had to be European. It seems to progressive to come out in the mainstream movie releases.  In addition, the Oscar race is still several months away.

I was hoping it was American made, I do not mean to be cocky maybe my documentary hit a cord with some filmmakers. In that they broke through the well, see Josh this why we need to start a CP compound. 

Then I looked up The Intouchables and my thoughts were proven right.

Fizz Caps Rallies For Hon Fest 2012

Although we are busy with construction for our new home and store in Parkville. Please stop by the Shabby Button booth to get your Fizz Caps earrings and bracelets of Mr. and Mrs. Boh. As well along with your Raven and O’s items. Those O’s are doing good this year!!!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Nest Collector

This is the 1979 pickup truck that received a new engine in 2005 and we are in the process of buying for our business. In order that we do not trash our Kia Soul, Lucy.
When we went to look at it, we were not prepared to buy. We fell in love with it so much that it had to be ours. The Owner George saw that we were such a committed couple, he agree to take the payment as installments. We only had $54 on us at the time, but George only took $52 as a down payment so we could share a diet coke on our way home.
Since we started to attend Parson’s Auction Company in Joppatown, we have been beaten the hell out of our soul. I knew since we start to haul our goodies, there had to be a better way.
I used to joke that if I ever over bid myself, I could blamed it on my spastic CP. By now I think Brooks and his father would know the difference, damn it!