Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Facebook Auction of 
King Gimp Original Self Portrait
Drawing on Canvas/Pastels
Value:  $ 1,500.

Final bidding proceeds will be donated to Greg Heydorn Family
I encourage you to please go visit this link to 

Hello, Friend! You have been on my mind. A man of many new challenges have appeared due to your recent trauma. I am for certain, you will sustain each obstacle, there is a fire within will lead you to a solid recovery. Your wife, children, family/friends, and lastly the least expected, the unknown-will be your best medicine. What I have learned in my life's experiences is that fortune is not in an account. True wealth is, foundation of self. It is a balance of the good and bad deeds that create this core...of solid character. Just when you experience a whim of sad, hurt, agony-just remind yourself that good is brewing, somewhere, somehow.
Meet my husband, Danny Keplinger. He's the guy to watch when the "no's, I can't, it's impossible" reach to mind. Each morning, his routine is to sit amongst his shower bench and bask in his haven...warm water. Usually, I remain quiet when I assist-a chance to have peace. Not today, a post of yours tugged my heart strings.
( there anyone available that can come to my hospital room so I can give you cash to pick up a fuel pump for my car? Our car is down until we get one).
I found you in your truest state, thinking of your wife and children, while in recovery of your trauma. You gave me a sample of my Danny, making resources happen regardless of ANY situation that stumbles upon you. The truest gift, the net.
I unfold your story to Danny. He bows his head, my eyes gloom with water because I have seen this before. It is his 'thinker pose". I knew he would take my paton and run with it. So here, I reach out to give you a hand of chance. I have no idea where it will go, I can assure you with Danny on your side...something somewhere, somehow GOOD will BREW.
Meet Danny, the artist. A private collector once purchased a painting and put it between a Picasso and Mattiese. An art appraisal once said, "Danny, I would like to compare you to 'Grandmom Moses' not because your creations are similar...because 100 years from now you will still be remembered". He was subject to an Academy Award Winning film, King Gimp. A fighting spirit, is Danny's translation...yes, he is the KING of it. His heart is wrapped in wonder.
This self portrait of Danny will be donated-as per his request, will be the launching pod to help. Share the hell of this, encourage others to....let's make this a germ and a way to give you some resources. Relieve a ounce of our mission. Let the "Kingdom of Kindness", begin.
Whatever will become of this, is unsure. What I am sure of got. this.
The unknown is your key, into your foundation. *wink*

Some words from Greg:

Hello everyone. My name is Greg Heydorn and on August 3rd, 2014 I fell 16 feet while working. I shattered both my legs, broke my nose, fractured my left wrist, and have a burst fracture L1 and a compression fracture L2 in my back. I've learned that I will exceed the allowable time to recover from my employer. Our family is looking for help through the kindness of others during the year it will take to put me back together so I can provide again myself for my family (my lady and 4 daughters...Sharra age 14, Amari age 6, and our 6 month old twins Zamiyah and Zakiyah. I'm 44 years old and have never collected a day of unemployment nor been on disability. I plan on a full recovery, but I fear how our family will suffer financially with me not being able to work. I am proud to say I've been able to make ends meet by working multiple jobs in addition to my regular job, but now I can't let pride stand in the way of fact. Please get to know me and this wonderful family!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Visit to Baltimore Elite Martial Arts Academy

I would like to thank Master Rick Hammond for inviting me to Baltimore Elite Martial Arts Academy in order to share my film and life with his campers and staff. The ages ranged from 3 1/5 to 7, so Brianna and I were asked some good questions. I had to laugh when we stopped the film two times, so they can do jumping jacks and push-ups when the younger ones got antsy.  It is good to see a place that teaches respect, but also knows what is reasonable from the age groups.

I often get asked, if there was a magic pill or magic wand would I use it to undo my disability?  I always say no: because my disability is just part of my personality, it makes me who I am. One camper said we should just make a magic wand to have.

When work was done Daniel son and his Maters got to play, White Belt, check!  By the way Brianna was across the room for more then one reason.