Friday, December 18, 2015

Clients VS Stuff Rights

Last night we stopped by our friends' that happens to live in a "Residential Home" for people with disabilities. The reason for our visit was to cheer up our friends, since one of the roommates passed away suddenly. One of the house staff asked us to leave right away with asking our friends what they wanted, because was not a planed visit. This JOKE of a "staff member" even called the house manager to tell us to leave.

Once again this make me wonder if the "Residential Home" are the new institutions? If this is our friends' home why don't they have a say, as everyone else does in their home. Sometimes you have to break the rules in the times of grief. The staff member showed no respect for her clients, the truth being the clients are her boss.  You are damn well sure that I will be make a visit the another CEO!