Thursday, November 5, 2020

When The King Speaks, Crowds Become Inspired 2020

When The King Speaks, Crowds Become Inspired

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dan keplinger, subject and writer of the academy award® winning documentary king gimp, is going on tour and he is ready to speak at your business. listen to dan’s story firsthand. learn how the arts, and the world as we know it, has inherent obstacles that can be overachieved with perseverance, patience, determination and a winning, fighting spirit.

screen the movie king gimp beforehand and then participate in an interactive question and answer ceremony about the movie, dan’s personal life, and dan’s career as a successful fine artist, via an online platform. live and learn like a king.

about dan “king gimp” keplinger
known throughout the world as “king gimp”, dan is an artist who overcomes a daily battle with cerebral palsy to live a “normal” life. dan took the name gimp, which means “fighting, sprinted individual” as name to represent himself from an early age. he is an accomplished master painter, award winning fine artist, and an inspiration to children and adults alike.

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