Friday, November 26, 2010

Yes, I'm textor

I wonder if one-day cell phones plans would offer more text messages compare to minutes. It would be helpful for the disabled, I know I send more text then I do talk. Not only because my phone is not working at the moment, but in geranial its easier. Now I see commercial for things as life link that are available for people that have low income, or disabled. I don't think that would do much good for me, since I am more of a text person.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finding New Rides

As some of you know Dena and I sit on the Ellene "Brit" Christiansen fund board that promotes making art more accessible for the disabled. We were contact by a student at MICA that is also in need of a new manual chair. Being that I went through this myself less then a year ago, I know how frustrating this is not having funds for a new wheel chair. I know UCP has something like a wheel chair, but I think most of them are kids sizes. Would anyone have any ideas of where to find low cost, or donated wheel chairs?

Wheelchair Foundation is a global network that gather donations and distributes wheelchair.

Whirlwind Wheelchair International teaches how to build strong low cost wheelchairs to be used in underdeveloped countries.

Wheelchair Recycler - Collects, refurbish and re-issue used power wheelchairs at little or no expense to the new user.

Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids provides pediatric wheelchairs for disabled children of Iraq.

Used Wheelchairs USA:
Gently Used Electric Wheelchairs
-- Sells/buys/rents used
power electric wheel chairs: motorized Pride Mobility Jazzy/Jet/Quantum
and Invacare Pronto powerchairs.

Secondhand and Used Wheelchairs and Disability Equipment Classifieds

Easy Med Online

Art Blog, Perfect Studio Day

Last Tuesday Dena and I both got up early, she had to deliver some jewelry and I wanted to do some art. I just knew it was going to be a good art day when I put on my studio close and Dena started to make coffee.
I keep thinking of the scene from Pollock where his “wife” handed him the coffee as he goes out off the house and changes his shoes when in the barn. Dena and I used to do the same routine when I was in grad school, but I had a longer walk.
I worked for 6 hours, so I could finish the piece that was just waiting for me. I took my phone with me, in case I wanted to text. The only thing I didn’t have was music, the iPod was dead.
After working I cleaned up and change into some sweats to relax the rest of the night.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Art Blog

So I had a meeting on Friday at Gougher College in Baltimore. They have a new art gallery for local artist. It is more through their community out reach program. I will be the first artist to exhibit there in February, being a true artist I said I would do 10 new pieces by the hang date. 

Now my ass needs to get motivated, I have been thinking of issuing Dena a Chile challenge, since she knows what happened in the studio after we get back from Chile. Plus our coffee pot broke!

I also plan to keep an artist blog to show what really go goes into putting a show together. As I said before it is not just the work that I put on the walls.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Advise For Future Teachers

This question came from a professor that just showed King Gimp to their class. Do you have any suggestions for my students as they go out into their own classrooms, especially in the area of communicating with families? Or any other suggestions in teaching children with special needs?

Being a teacher is not much unlike being an artist, they both are fields that do not offer monetary wealth. The riches come from the rewards that come from how others benefits from your passions.
No matter how long you are in this field, I encourage you to always be a student. I have been disabled since birth, an artist since 16 and I still learn about new services and tools to help me through life.
Always be challenged to work as a team with piers, parents, and students that will bring success in your field to always grow with knowledge.